I realized something the other day, I had a kind of epiphany of sorts. It finally dawned on me as to why something in my life was not manifesting. Now the universe has a specific way of working. This universe that we live in is extremely well organised, it is not haphazard. The universe is governed by universal laws created by the same infinite intelligence that created us. The laws of attraction and the universal law of cause and effect work in our favour, well mostly. That is if we are using them right and if we are aware of these laws, to begin with. Of course, if we are not in the loop as to how this game of life is played, then we will not be in a win win situation. And to win at this game of life we need a lot of awareness, practice and patience with ourselves until we do get it right. But once we get the hang of it, the world really is our oyster, and everything is possible for us. The first thing that we need to be aware of is that we are creating our own reality. Things that manifests in your exterior life is a mirror of your interior life. That is how one is “feeling” interiorly is mirrored in your physical health and in your exterior reality. Feeling good on the inside equals good things on the outside. That is the law of cause and effect at work. Secondly desiring something, allows it to manifest or not in your life depending on how easily you allow it to come to you. If you desire money, but ‘feel’ poor than you are sending out mixed signals to the universe and it will continue to give back to you the signal that you are sending out – which is poor. You cannot desire health and live in fear of ill-health, you cannot desire sleep and watch Netflix all night. If you send out contradictory messages out into the universe than you will remain stuck, you will not be moving in the direction of that which you desire. The same goes for if you are undecided, I want a blue car but also like the red car… being confused, unable to know what you desire or being unable to trust that the universe can deliver to you what you want in a manner that is perfect for you. Fretting over how something will be resolved when the universe has infinite possibilities, is not a show of faith. And we need to have faith in the infinite intelligence that is the universe (God if you prefer to call it that). Desiring something yet being fearful at the same time is going to split your energy and send out mixed messages to the universe. I see how on one hand I desired something whilst on the other hand I was afraid of my life being disrupted by it, which meant I was left in limbo. Limbo is the wrong choice of word, I was left exactly where I was; no further on that path. Basically, I was stuck in traffic. I had sent out mixed signals to the universe, I have not trusted and allowed infinite intelligence to do its job and without my interference. I allowed anxieties and doubts to creep in around my thoughts. I had given the right of way to my monkey ego-mind and not my higher-self, where infinite intelligence resides. And in that infinite intelligence, I need to trust more and more. If I had not split my energy, believing that I could have the perfect life without a sacrifice of some kind, who knows where I would be now? But at least I am now aware of where I am going wrong because, without awareness nor trust in the process of divine intelligence, I am at nothing. I have to learn to let go of the steering wheel and allow that infinite intelligence to drive me, never giving way, nor yielding to that monkey mind of mine.

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