Don’t you just love the merry month of May. All are in bloom and the heat thankfully is really starting to return. It really is the month of the Divine Feminine, May has of course always been dedicated to Mother Mary, and with good reason. We see this mother theme reflected in nature, as Mother Nature bursts forth from her winter slumber as all her energies ignite once more, bringing forward an intense period of growth and expansion. I just love this time of year, and May was most likely named after ‘Maia’, the Greek goddess of growth. And this month’s full moon on May 15th/16th is known as the flowering moon; no surprise there, as we are in full spring now, but this time we also have a supermoon where the moon will appear larger. It is a blood moon lunar eclipse, which will bring forth particular energies of its own. Eclipses bring about intense energies and are opportunities for growth, transformation and expansion. Rebirth is not always easy, but as they say no pain, no gain. And because this full moon lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Scorpio, it means facing the truths that dwell beneath the surface. Lots of fun, you might think, but truly it is a blessing. It is similar to what we see all around us bursting forth in nature this spring; we too can do the same. This eclipse can allow us to bloom, grow and transcend all that no longer serves us. This eclipse is ripening with possibilities of transformation for us. But, we need to be, as usual, grounded and in the best receiving mode in order to do that. Awareness is key; meditation and stillness are vital. They are vital, to help us to absorb all the lunar eclipse energy, but also all of the Divine feminine energy that is in the ether right now. Mother Mary and her sacred heart are also very open to us during this time. The Catholic Church may be many things; both good and bad, but regardless of anything they did get it right by devoting the month of May to Mary. So, we should renew our connection with her, and call on her to help us spiritually stretch and swell. This month of May has a lot to offer us, we are blessed and have a lot to celebrate this month. So, get up early this Monday morning, the supermoon eclipse is worldwide so try to catch a glimpse if you can. The times of the eclipse will vary depending on your whereabouts, so you need to check your local time, but here in France, it will be from 05.29 am to 06.53 am on Monday, May 16th. May blesses us with warmer, longer days and also heightened energies, so enjoy them. Get out in nature and profit as much as possible from the beauty that Mother nature oozes during this great period of growth. Spring is at its peak, and spiritually it allows for us to also peak during this period. So, delve into all that this great merry month of May has to offer, and allow it to inspire, refresh and invigorate you. Remember too, that you are not alone, that you have both Mother Mary and Mother Nature at your back, (and so it is no wonder that many countries worldwide chose the month of May to celebrate Mothers Day), so have a very Merry May.

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