January is pushing on and the ankle I sprained is getting better, thank God. As I am really missing my walks with the dog, fresh air and just simply getting outside in nature. I feel like I am suffocating being indoors all the time, and looking out the window is just not the same. I miss the particular beauty that this time of year has to offer, and I feel weighed down by the heaviness of energy that is inside the house. I do make it to the yard outside for a few minutes but as I am not moving the cold gets the better of me! I can’t wait to be back brisk walking with my dog, and needless to say, so does she. Nature with all its beauty and majesty also has a powerful healing and cleansing energy which I miss. Even to see the colour green is calming, relaxing and green of course is the colour of freshness and newness. Nature opens us up, it connects us to the wider world in ways that no internet nor technology can do. Being connected to Mother Nature’s powerful force brings us closer to not only nature itself, but also our intimate selves; our inner essence and being. That is why so many poets and artists find inspiration in nature because nature inspires us, nature draws us inward to reveal a deeper understanding of the natural world and our place in it. Nature is pure, and it is this pure raw energy that we resonate with, and feel so good in, as it is essentially the same energy that is at our very core. Nature is pure in the sense that its essence or energy is uncorrupted, clean and clear. Its energy, therefore, helps us to rejuvenate, reinvigorate and restore our own energy. It is so important for us as human beings to spend time outdoors, we were made for living in the sun, and especially in winter we need it, so as not to feel depressed or lack vitamin D. Everybody feels good being outdoors, everyone enjoys nature even in these darker winter months. And it is in these darker winter months that we really need to escape all the artificial lighting and heat and get outside for a breath of fresh air. You just can’t beat hearing the birds sing, or feeling the wind in your hair! It is uplifting and great for the soul. And we feel at one with ourselves and mother earth. Because, it is not the bricks and mortar that is our home, but this mother earth. This is our mutual home, and we need to protect and enjoy it. As it does us, so we need to show it the same courtesy and respect. Do not forget also that being out in nature boosts our mood, and our mental and also our physical health; it helps us to sleep better and reduces stress. So, it is no wonder that I miss being outside so much! I really miss out on so much, plus in a busy house, it is time for myself, time to clear my head and to hear my angels/guides and guardians more easily. So the sooner my ankle heals the better, yet I have to respect that and also give it the time it needs and deserves, after all, it does hold me up all the time, it does so much for me that I just take it for granted. So I better be kind to it. I suppose I just need more patience and very soon I will be back out there, enjoying all mother nature has to offer. I yearn for the day as I miss those marvellous mother moments so much!

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