My how the days are getting shorter, I have noticed in the last week how it is getting dark so early. Yes, indeed the autumnal energy is already in the air. Okay, we are not quite there yet, as we are technically still in the season of summer until the equinox on September 23rd at 08.50 am French time. And that is now less than ten days away! So make the most of the last days of summer, and start to prepare for the energetic shift into autumn. This has already begun, as late tonight, early tomorrow we have a new moon in Virgo, and this moon will take us into autumn. And as at each new moon, we are presented with an opportunity to reset, refocus, and start anew. So, this is always a great time to write down your intentions and goals for the future. This is a time for digging deep and focusing on what it is you really want. And that does not mean egocentric me, myself and I goals. Goals should be yes right for us, but also right for the greater good. Because, we are awash with manifestation techniques, with the mentality of being ‘gods’ and creators of our own reality. All of this is true, BUT it does not mean that we go forward solely for our own petty selfish desires, like manifesting a new car, job, house, dress etc yes we do have needs. But also we need to be more inclusive so to as include the greater good of not just only ourselves, but of that of others and of the planet. Yes, we can also say that what is good for me is good for the planet, because what makes me happy is going to filter out into the world. But this is not always the case. If you wish to create a swimming pool in your backyard, it does not mean that it is good for the planet, nor necessarily good news for your neighbours neither who like their peace. Be mindful of what you are trying to create, of what and why you are trying to create it. We can learn all the manifestation techniques and become expert creators, but are we creating a better world? Are we conscious enough of what we are really doing? There is no point in frivolously creating like a spoiled child, we need to be adult about it and ask God to create with us, in us, and through us. We can read all the articles and books we desire on creating abundance and manifesting, but unless it is done with a pureness of heart and an awareness of co-creating with God; that is within God’s consciousness, it will serve for almost nothing. We will not necessarily spiritually grow very much because even cattle without realising it can manifest grass. And we are so much more than that. Yes, we create our own reality but to do so consciously and within God’s great consciousness will serve us far better, than doing so from our own egocentric smaller human consciousness. So, this new moon when you go to set your intentions, do so with this in mind and call in God and your team in Spirit to help you to manifest that which is not only for your own higher good but for the highest good also of others and of the planet. Remember, we are co-creators with God, so therefore we can create far more than just fodder for feed. We have the ability to create a wonderful world, so let’s do so using this magical new moon in Virgo to kick-start it. You see the question is not always what can the new moon do for me? it should be more what can I do with it? How can I use this magical new moon to serve us all?

Happy New Moon,


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