Christmas is upon us and let us not forget what it is really all about, and that is love. In all the huzzle and buzzle, let us pause to remember that God loves us, that we were created out of love and it is to love that we shall return. Nothing exists, nor matters only pure love. Love is at the very essence of life, and at this time of year, we should be sharing the love – spreading the love. We are only on this beautiful planet of ours for a very short time, so use it wisely and love. Love yourself, love others, and love all of creation. Step into the joy that is Christmas. Someone told me today something that upset me, they said Christmas is only for the children. Yes, Christmas is about a child, entering this world, he who came to teach us more about love, but Christmas is for each and every one of us. It is especially needed for us adults as a reminder to love more. Children being innocent and pure are full of love, but as we grow older we become harder, colder, judgemental and less tolerant and therefore less loving. We need Christmas, we need to be recalled to ponder at life and its true meaning. Without love we are nothing, so the more we love the better! Love is the highest vibration, without those great vibes we are negative beings chasing our tails. Love opens the way for us to be free, to be our true and divine selves. Love is the tonic that we should be taking every day of the year, but especially now at Christmas time to see us through the long winter months. Love warms us, love heats and fuels us. Love is the nourishment which we all seek. Love heals. Love conquers. Love is all you need! So, this Christmas remember to keep this to the fore of your mind. Let there be love! Let Christ’s time on Earth not have been wasted, let him know that 2,000 years later we are still taking on board what he said, ‘love one another’. It is that simple. Love really and truly is all you need in this life, all else follows from that. And we thank heavens that we have great teachers like that of Jesus, who came and reminded us of this simple, yet effective philosophy. So happy birthday big guy!

Happy Christmas to all.

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