Living in hope of a summer holiday this year, I have started to search the internet for a bargain! No great bargains found yet, but unlike last year what with the Covid and all, this year does seem to be more optimistic. The vaccination plan is going to help to get us out of this I hope and soon enough we will be back to normal, whatever ‘normal’ is? But, I think that the covid has changed us all a bit. I find that we took so much for granted and now we seem to be very content with even the thoughts of going out for a cup of coffee. Not to speak of the gratitude and newfound appreciation that we discovered for our health and well-being. This wake-up call has served us well as a reminder of just how important our health is, and how much and how easily we can take so much for granted. This applies also to the appreciation we have especially for our loved ones, especially the elderly and those who are fragile. Being parted, and having the health risk clouding over us, has helped us to remember to never take people for granted. It is very easy to take people for granted, especially those who we see, or have contact with regularly. So the covid crisis like everything does have a silver lining. No more do we take our loved ones and liberties for granted. No more do we not cast a second thought to get on a plane. Over the last year and a half, we have been truly tested. But, we have come through. I guess we are more resilient than we would have thought. No one said it was easy, but we are still here today. Our inner strength comes from our inner being. Our knowingness that in time everything will be alright also comes from our inner being. Our inner being is our divine spark, our God-consciousness. And it speaks to us if we listen. And during the lockdowns, we had more time to listen. The lock-downs gave us more time to ourselves, it slowed us down, and this was a good thing for many. The Covid helped a lot of people to reconnect with their inner being, and to draw strength from it. Well, that is what it is there for; to help us. Our inner being, our soul essence is here to guide and to care for us. It is us, it is the real you in your inner being, and your inner being loves you, and wishes the best for your highest good. But when we are too rushed, too stressed or just not tuned into our inner being, it is then that we feel lost, lonely and confused. That is why it is so important to take the time to chill, to meditate, to walk in nature, so to tune into that higher part of yourself. The covid may have been dramatic for a lot of people, but it also brought with it some bonuses. I think everyone definitely is more aware of the importance of time to themselves now, people are also more grateful for the smaller things in life and for one another. If we walk out of this crisis holding tight to these newfound appreciations, then that in and of itself is good. Lockdowns have taught us a lot of things and in lots of ways, and least we never forget., let that be our lesson. Because that is part of the reason for our earthly existence, we are here to learn. We are here to experience, and to grow from that experience. Essential to that is learning, and taking on board the lessons learnt. Reflect deeply upon the covid crisis for you, and see what lessons have you learnt? what has the whole experience taught you? What have you discovered about yourself? What was it that you liked and disliked? What are you most grateful for? now that life is slowly but surely coming back to normal. How did you cope during the crisis? Were you alone, or locked with people? What did you learn about yourself and others? We all have our covid stories to tell, each one unique. So it is up to you to discern what it is you learned, along with gratitude and appreciation, was it tolerance? or compassion? or patience? letting go of the material stuff? Or did you learn something new like learning to cook again, there are many things people literally took up during the lockdowns, many found their creativity. Many had voyages of discovery. But we were all tested and tried that’s for sure, and we all; each and every one of us has learned something.

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