Meditation, some think it is a fool’s game, a waste of time or for new age hippy types. But, since I started to meditate a few years ago I have noticed a profound change in myself. This is not something private, personal and of no use to me, no, this positive change – one of many- is of help and in a very practical way. I find now that I am a lot calmer, and my family can testify to that too. It’s not just that I don’t fly off the handle or lose my temper so fast. It is more so an inner calm that is reflected in my composer, and my coping abilities. Now, when problems or challenges arise I tend to react to them in a much more subdued and calm manner. I don’t panic, or become overwhelmed with fear as I used. My reactions are much more manageable, rational, calm and helpful. I can now see things in perspective and deal with them in a more befitting manner. Before I would have allowed lower energy emotions overrule me, like fear and panic. I now possess an inner calm that money just can’t buy, and I have done it all myself. Time spent in meditation really does pay for itself, and it is really worth your while taking time to meditate, as inner peace and inner calm is just some of the benefits one derives from meditation. What brings this inner calm and all benefits from meditating is, of course, that contact you make with your higher or God-consciousness when you meditate. No pill, no pair of shoes, nor pint of beer can EVER replace or compare to having regular contact with your God-consciousness, and what’s best is that is it all free! And we are also free to choose how we spend our time; we only have a limited amount of time on this planet, so we might as well spend it as best we can, to create the best possible life for ourselves and others. Because, when I am happier on the inside, so too is my family, so too, therefore, is society and the world at large. We only think that we are helping ourselves by meditating, whilst in-fact we really are helping the world at large. We all know – I need not tell you, that the oceans are made up of little drops of water, that it is the smaller that goes to create the greater and the larger. Don’t be a stone at the bottom of the sea; be a conscious part of that great ocean of humanity; make and create your own waves in the sea of consciousness.

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