There are so many spiritual websites offering light and love at the moment. It is great to be part of a new generation, of a changing world. Because whether we realize it or not the world most definitely is changing and for the better. But, sometimes I get overwhelmed by the emails and newsletters that I receive from these contemporary spiritual websites. The language at times seems more like something out of ‘Star Trek’, and it can go over my head. At first, I was intimidated by the language and ideas that were brought forward, but over time I have come to grips with it all. There seems to be a common thread between a lot of the contemporary spiritual websites, they are all advocating light as a means of spiritual growth. They all seem to concur with the fact that there is a change taking place on Earth at the moment; that is, that we are changing from being of the 4th dimensional to the 5th dimensional. That simply means that we are expanding our senses; our consciousness is expanding. We are no longer just operating from our sense of touch, smell, taste, etc., we are evolving into higher vibrational bodies of light, that can transcend this world and enjoy the other realms that exist. This again all sounds very science fictional, but, it is true. And being 5th-dimensional means we will enjoy immense benefits and these benefits come in the form of being happier, more fulfilled loving people. We can see this already in the manner that these days we enjoy more freedom and choice than our ancestors. Society has opened up as more light has infiltrated the planet, and this light will continue to penetrate the planet, bringing higher and higher vibrations of love and light. You will find many meditations on the internet that involve light or divine white light, and these all help to achieve our goal of enlightenment and therefore evolvement. Many may dismiss it as total nonsense, as new age rubbish, but it is here and it is real and it is now, and it is very much available to anyone who is open to it. It is good and it comes from God. It is nothing to be afraid of, as it is a natural progression for us all. A lot of it is the same as what has been said since time began, but the message is delivered in another manner, outside of organised religion and in a language more suited to today. The light that is being offered is a means of advancing on our path of ascension more quickly, more easily and it is for the gain of all. We become lamps when we are full of light and good energy, and we can shine our light onto others and places that need that extra light and love. The more light that we have means we can shine further into the darkness, illuminating many a path. The light is indeed a great gift and a grace. We all have the opportunity now to allow our light to shine, so let us all become beacons of light, for ourselves, for others, for other living creatures and for our lovely planet. We can even shine our light on the begrudgers, and on the nay-sayers. Have some spiritual fun along the way too don’t forget! because light is just that – ‘light’, which is neither heavy nor hard, and always light-hearted.

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