You know sometimes it is hard to know what to write, yet Spirit always inspires me. This is not in my head but a given. Spirit always comes up trumps and that is for sure. I may start my writing rambling a bit, but it always comes together to form a point of one kind or another. That is what I like, it leaves the door wide open and I do not always know in advance what will come out of the door. It is a bit like life; you can try to plan, plot, or try to manifest all you want, but you never know how things will pan out exactly. We never know what turn life is going to take. And I like it like that, who would want to know anyway what is exactly around the next corner… Life is, as Forest Gump’s momma always said ‘ life was a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get’. How true. Yet, this can be a double edge sword causing stress and anxiety among people, who worry about what tomorrow might bring. The trick is to live life in the present and to surrender tomorrow to Spirit. Live in the now, and leave tomorrow to a large degree to take care of itself. Enjoy the power of now, and do not be afraid. Do not be anxious about things that may or may not happen, for it is a complete and utter waste of energy. Lessen the grip of control and go with the flow. This is why being grounded in Spirit is sooooooooo important, as it gives us the tools to deal with whatever comes in life. These tools are invaluable as part not only of our spirituality but as part also of our personal development. So, one is steady, balanced and confident enough to handle life. Spirituality and personal development are very closely intertwined and related; one offsetting the other. Expansion in consciousness brings the expansion of every aspect of self, including our personal growth. Being spiritual promotes personal well-being in every sense of the word. And as you raise your vibrational energy through spirituality you change positively in body, mind and soul. Remember, always that we are eternal and that our real selves are simply Spirit. That of course does not mean that we dismiss this earthly experience but we embrace and enjoy it as the spiritual school that it is. Life may be a box of chocolates, but the box and everything chocolate in it is spiritual. Each chocolate being different – some more to our liking than others, but nonetheless we taste them. For how otherwise would we know that which we savour? We simply cannot know without actually tasting/experiencing it. So, embrace every mouthful, and savour it for what it is. Be grateful for the experience of what it shows you. Lap it up, take what you enjoyed and have learned from each bite. Spit out the sour with gratitude, and shower it with blessings for all that it taught you, for life really is a box of chocolates.

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