Shattered today as I didn’t get too much sleep last night. I had eaten something that, well, let’s say did not agree with me. Yet, I persuaded myself to get out of my warm bed this morning. The song of the birds singing outside gave me further motivation to resist lying there feeling groggy. They were so happy and joyful tweeting, singing and busying themselves this bright March morning. That I thought if they can do it then so can I. I got past my feelings and dived into my day; a bit slower than usual, but hey, that’s allowed. The main point was that I refused to lay there feeling pitiful. Mind over matter is a powerful tool. It just takes the right attitude and a willingness to surmount life’s small turbulences. I find when we can push ourselves over the smaller hills, it leaves it easier to surmount the bigger mountains if they appear. It is the equivalent of mountain climbing training; the mountains being of course, life experiences. And having the safety net of Spirit to catch us if we fall and to give us a hand up those mountains, is of course a great help. The spirit is always inside us, it can never leave us, as it is us. We just have to remember to not lose contact with it, to keep in daily and constant touch. Put it this way, and the spiritual force within us, or even friends for that matter, are all like flowers. They need to be watered daily, if not they start to decay. I often hear people remark, that they did not hear from somebody, or ask where is God, but more often then not, they have not tried to make contact either. Things worth having or doing require a little effort and consistency on our part also. Action speaks louder than fanciful good intentions. And consistency is also required. If one wants to really be in contact with their higher-selves, then just like ET they have to call home, and habitually. That does not mean that we meditate once or twice a week, it means a commitment to a daily practice of meditation. Sounds like too much? Too daunting perhaps? Well, just remember to take it day by day, step by step until it becomes a daily habit like brushing our teeth. On any given day, the time we spend in meditation is the most important thing that we can do. It is there where we come in contact with the powerful force within us. To be grounded in a spiritual practice that is going to help us to climb to greater and greater heights is far more important that anything on TV, or that extra 15 mins of sleep, or any book. Because, we can read every spiritual book that was ever written, but if we do not experience the God within; then we all we will have is a nice library to flatter ourselves. God is not found in any book, rite or ritual, yes, they are helpful as tools. But without actual experience it is the same as only getting a written description of chocolate ice-cream, as opposed to actually tasting it ourselves, and fully incorporating that taste into our inner essence. Therefore, experience is essential. Look at any advertisement for employment, their all looking for someone who has experience, and not someone who only heard about how to do something, like driving a train for example. Who you get on board a train with someone who never drove a train before? No, we would not. Experience is a must, there is no other equivalent. If you want to know God, then within. If you desire to have that spiritual safety-net fixed tightly under you through out all your life; then know God. With God we can become fully the strong individuals we were born to be. So, let the God that is within you shine through you. Radiating outwardly into your life, carrying you lovingly over all the hills and mountains, or whatever constructs we have falsely conceived. So that one day we can fully arrive at the awareness that this is all but a dream, and that we are just the dreamers of our own dream. Sweet dreams. Dream happy dreams.



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