The evenings are creeping in and the days are gone shorter; yes, it is that time of year again and a new season is about to dawn on us. Friday, September 21st is the autumn equinox, equal length of daylight and darkness, it is a sacred moment when all stands in equal balance, that is the balance of opposites such as in this case light and darkness. The autumn equinox marks the beginning of the autumn season here in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere, then you are lucky to be going into springtime! But, we cannot have it both ways, in order to know summer, we must have winter and therefore, we must have the autumn. People feel a sadness as the days start to draw in early, but, this is not a time to despair and grieve for the loss of the summer sun. Autumn is a time of fruitfulness, a time of abundance and gathering. It is also a time of letting go and giving way to life’s natural rhythms. We cannot and should not fight change, it is an integral part of life, it is healthy to welcome change and to ride the currents of life. Like the falling leaves, we too need to let go of what no longer serves us and prepare to die to our false-self, as the earth does to allow for renewal and fresh growth. We can learn a lot from nature and its cycles; the leaves do not cry as they fall to the ground, but, they do so gracefully and willingly. It is parallel to our egos, to let go of dense thoughts that do not serve us or old habits and behaviors that have to be shed. The seasons are also a perfect example of the law of polarity at play in the natural world; an example of one extreme to the next if you like. The law of polarity is a natural law and exits in us also, for example; we cannot be brave if we have not got a coward within us, we cannot be generous if there is not a tight-fisted person within us, we cannot be calm if there is not aggression within us also. We have therefore to embrace our duality, our polar extremities, and these characteristics are not something to be judged or scorned, but, to be embraced as it demonstrates that we are perfect, whole and complete. But, just because you have the capacity for aggression does not mean that you behave aggressively nor endorse aggression; we too have to learn how to balance our emotions. This is the key to self-mastery, to discern and to learn from within yourself. Self-mastery is vital for a happy life, and this is where we can observe and learn from nature and the season of autumn. Enjoy the equinox and the new energy that it will bring, embrace the new season with love and gratitude. Savor the delights of the palette of autumn, with all the fruits it has to offer. Meditate on that which must be let go of. But, do not forget the delicate balance within, think of the light and darkness that exists in yourself and celebrate all that you are, and all that you have learned so far, on this our souls seasonal journey.

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