I was thrilled to welcome in the New Year, gone is 2023 and hello 2024. What a joy, as 2023 was a challenging year for many. Yet, through the challenges I did learn a lot and for that I am grateful, mind you I could have learned the easy way, but no, I most often like many learn things the hard way. But no matter which way, the most important point here is to learn. I see some who go through life and never learn; they do not see any blessings, nor realise the value of what they have learned. This is sad because if we do not learn in this life, we will have to go through it all over again until we do finally get it, and it will be more than likely the really tough way. I do love learning, it makes me stronger, and I feel more confident and accomplished in myself. I feel like my soul has flexed and expanded itself in the right direction. It makes me feel even more intimately connected to my inner being and to God. Growth and learning allows one to lean in closer to their soul purpose, put it this way it just feels so right when I ‘get’ what the universe is trying to teach me. Because part of our lives’ purpose is to learn; each one of us has of course different lessons to learn but nonetheless we all have to learn to a lesser or greater degree. Older souls may have less to learn than younger souls, each one of us has our agenda, and progress to make whilst on this earth. So when we look forward to the coming year, do not forget to look back over what has passed, and to analyse and note what and where we have learned from the previous year’s experience. Journal, split is up into the four seasons of last year, and piece together all that you have learned, you will be surprised at the amount you have taken in within the space of 12 months. It may seem insignificant but when you look closely you will see how truly you have grown without even realising it. It may be simple life lessons like administration, patience, or physical strength, but everyone has something they have learned over the previous year. It may be learning to read your electricity meter, or even running that extra mile, or learning to say no to people more often. Maybe one dealt with grief, or just let go of that that no longer served you, whichever lesson you learnt, it is only when you look back that you realise hey, I did learn a lot in 2023. Each year we all do grow, so appreciate it, enjoy it for the good or bad experience that it was and bring your newfound wisdom with you into the new year. And if you were not ready in 2023 perhaps this will be your year to ‘be’ ready, and learn that lesson that you are meant to learn, either way, do not beat yourself up, everyone at their own pace. 2024 is going to be great, it is going to be the best year ever; you are guaranteed to further expand into the divine beautiful being that you already are. So, look ahead with confidence and joy knowing well that you are loved and eternal, no matter what we learned or did not learn, as nothing can harm you. God is eternal and therefore, we as divine sparks of the fire of God are also expanding eternal beings. So, go boldly into 2024 eager for the next adventure to begin.

Wishing you bundles of blessings for the New Year,

love and light,


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