It is 36° C outside as the sun belts down an intense heat on us… the summer is proving to be a hot one, and after a long winter we should not complain I know. But, when it is too hot it is no good either. Both winter and summer are two different extremes of the same pole of temperature, and what we need is a happy medium. The same can be said of many things in life, that is, a bit of balance never goes a miss. Too much of one thing or another is generally not good for us. That is why we need the balance of body, mind and soul as we are spiritual and physical beings. Not rendering to one or the other is going to create an imbalance within us. Life is for living and not all about meditating, doing yoga and praying all day long. These are all very important but without the human experience to go with it, life itself would be pointless. Human experience can be both difficult and beautiful all at the same time, but mostly it is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means everything can be beautiful if you decide to see it that way. Beauty does not need to be perfect, nor splendid to be experienced and enjoyed. Beauty can be in the simple things that we take for granted. One could say that beauty and gratitude go hand in hand. By admiring the beauty within something or someone, we are indeed showing our gratitude for it. And we can also find beauty in the most horrible and devastating experiences of our lives too. Indeed, to go through a turbulent time, we see how others gather around to support us, console us, to show solidarity with us. Just look at the war in Ukraine how people rallied around and did all they could to welcome refugees with open arms. The beauty of life was well evident as we watched thousands flock across borders seeking refuge and help; of which they got plenty. War brings out the best and the worst in people. But, thankfully it is the positive that mostly wins out. Beauty and goodness reign supreme in the hearts of most people. Those that do not exhibit those qualities are those who are simply souls that have listened too much to their egocentric fears and are lost. Saying, that everyone has their role to play on this Earthly plane, and we need all so that we can fully experience the essence of life. For how would we know good if we never experienced evil? Never forget that the roles we play are essential so that we can learn; therefore nobody is better than the other. Beauty in all forms is in all of us, and all of life, and we should appreciate, bless it and never take ourselves nor life too seriously either. We should exercise our right to laugh and have fun on this our beautiful journey of life, there is enough time for seriousness’, as I said earlier we need balance. So, go outside when the temperature has fallen a bit, bath in the summer sun, laugh and smile at the beauty that surrounds you. Absorb and become intoxified by life this summer. Permit the sun to burn up anything that no longer serves you, let go and let’s live this beautiful life.

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