Now that the heat has gone, and as the Covid 19 virus gains force again; (as it thrives in the colder weather). It is now all the more important to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, as the virus creates massive amounts of negative energy. Cleanse your subtle energies as much as possible. That is to clean your aura and the energy coming into and out of your chakras. You see, most of us cannot be seen, to the untrained naked eye. What we see in the mirror – in physical form is only a portion of what and who we really are. We are but energy; energetic beings of light that vibrate, so when we hit lower vibrational energy, this slows our energies down a lot, thus creating massive problems for us on every level. That is problems of a physical, emotional and of course spiritual nature. I have said this before in my previous post, I talked about the importance of staying put, of staying home. The government says the same thing, to stay close to home, to reduce social contact etc, but for the reason of prohibiting the propagation of the virus, and this advice also applies and works well in regard to halting, reducing and accumulating negative energies. We may complain about governments but with respect to the virus, we should follow their advice. I am not a fan of the mass media, it is always very one-sided and negative, saying that it does have its uses and this time I am advising to heed when the government says that case numbers etc are rising, and to follow the advice given when told to peel back on socialising etc. Because, if we can hold tight for a bit longer, we will reduce the amount of negativity given to us. Negative energy is public enemy no. 1. This is what we all want to avoid in our lives, be that from our own thoughts, emotions, from others, or food, from places, or where ever; we need to avoid negative energy as much as possible. But, we will never avoid it totally, so that is why it is so critical to cleanse your subtle energies, using salt baths, salt scrubs, salt bags, stones like onyx, tiger eye or black tourmaline, smudging with sage, clean living as in diet and exercise and most importantly having a spiritual practice like meditation and prayer. These all go towards cleansing your aura and chakras, as do energy healing like for example Reiki. Most importantly, learn how to care for your subtle energy body, your physical and emotional self and it will enhance your life tenfold. Become responsible for yourself; one takes control by knowledge, and that very wise old saying is really quite true: Knowledge is Power. So get learning, get googling, get active by using your time wisely. Be smart about how and why you are living as you do, and enjoy the freedom, that the knowledge and the power bring to you.

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