I listened to a video by Dr Joe Dispenza recently and it was interesting how he said that most people are matter trying to influence matter, instead of being energetic beings working with energy. This I am afraid is true. So many people are simply caught up in this material world of matter that A) they do not even realise that they are nothing but pure energy vibrating at a particular frequency or B) they know this but still remain stuck in the material world of dense energies regardless of what they have been told. It is like we are told that alcohol is not good for us, yet we continue to get drunk at the weekend. Or how about healthy eating and that pizza takeaway that we habitually get every Friday? We all know things, but unfortunately that does not mean that we act on the information that has been given to us for our own good. And knowledge about how we and the universe really works is no different. People still think they need to work really hard and to sweat to get on in life, yet we are told it all attraction, attraction, attraction. You see energetically what we put out is what we get back. Yes, we need to do a certain amount, but at the end of the day we are creating our own reality and the universal law of attraction will send us that what we have put out into the universe. So what are you putting out into the universe? What are we broadcasting out into the great infinite and eternal universe? We are like a giant antenna omitting signals out into the universal energy field. Let me remind you that we are also givers and receivers of magnetic energy. So that means what we give out we simply give back; reap what you sow etc. Subsequently, we also trap other peoples energy and the energy of the collective. So that makes it even more important for us as responsible human beings to only put out good positive energy for not only our selves but also for others and the world at large. So are we pessimistic or optimistic people? are we sending out love and positivity or the opposite? Perhaps we are bitter, angry or selfish? If so this means that it is not only ourselves that suffer these miserable sentiments, but also the world at large. Just think about that, and really allow that to sink in. Because, we may think that we are standing alone and separate from others and the world, but we are not. It does not matter how physically close you are to people, or where you live; you can be on a desert island and still effect the global and collective consciousness by either raising it to a happier higher level or you may be dragging everyone else down along with yourself. Never let us forget that thoughts are things. Never drop your guard on what and how you are thinking, as thoughts create your and our future. Learn or train yourself as an athlete would train yourself to think better thoughts, to look for the bright side and to always remember that at the end of the day that this life, this material world is just an illusion – a hologram. This physical realm is not real, it is only a temporary stage for us to play on. So learn to laugh as hard as you can, and find the joy in everything. That joy can come in the smallest of forms, even from a cup of hot cocoa, or a hot shower. Where ever you can find it, take it and share that joy with the rest of the world. Blast it out of your antenna like you would your favourite radio station to spread and stretch joy out into the universe and beyond. You see we can all do our bit because we do not all have to start peace movements, or anything like that, no, it is also by these small joyful gestures that are going to make this world a better place for us all. So drop the long face, and always look on the bright side of life.

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