Tonight we have a new moon and a solar eclipse. So what a lovely way to enter into a new phase of being… a new beginning; an opportunity to push the reset button so to speak. An opportunity to create a better life for us, and for the world around us. This may seem a bit out of touch with reality given the sad state of affairs that humanity has found itself within this last week. But, hold on to your centre, and remain steadfast and grounded in Spirit. Remember to know the Truth but respect the illusion of this world, but be not of it, for we are not of this world. Remember that we are but spiritual beings of Light having a physical experience, and not the other way around. Yes, pray, pray and pray for the consciousness of God to be anchored in the world, meditate and be that Light in the darkness. For we are but beings of Light and nothing else really exists, for darkness has no power over us. For that is the illusion that we have to see past. Push past those ego-based fears of yours, seek out the Light from which you came; and shine the bright Light that you are into the world. Hold back nothing; catapult God’s Light out there, holding your head high knowing in confidence that you are of God. God is only love, therefore nothing else matters. Send God’s love and light out into the world is all we need to do. Be love; live in love and as love as best you can. And never let the darkness over-power you, because that is what your ego wants. If we live in love, then we would not need the ego and this is what the ego is afraid of; being left on the bench on the sideline. So do not let your ego (evil) win. Fight a good match, score effortlessly, but steadily knowing that God’s goals are what this game of life is all about. And together as a team we can overcome and win.

Happy New Moon,

Love and Light Edel.

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