I have gone wrong lately, with some renovations I am doing in my home. All I seem to be at for the last week is looking up materials etc and it has practically overtaken me. Such is the joy of creating! and I do wish to create a pleasant living space. I am not complaining, it is all my own doing, and it should be a tremendous joy, although trying to find that which I need is tiring, yet very fulfilling when it all comes together. Oh, how I love to create within my own space, and to marvel at what the Universe gives me to play with. I am very lucky. The same can be said of our bodies. God and the Universe have given us perfect physical bodies to accommodate us, on this life journey. Remember, it is of utmost importance to look after this physical vessel, as it is yes, the house of our Spirit. We really need bodies that are in good working order to enjoy life. Our physical health is a reflection of our interior, our energy. Blocked energy manifests as illness in the body. We need for all to be in tandem within the trinity of mind, body and soul, we need to look after those three aspects of ourselves. Do not neglect the needs of your physical body. Feed it fresh, preferably vegetarian foods, exercise it and rest it. Do not abuse it, do not drip feed it poisons in the form of alcohol, refined sugars, junk foods, late nights, or chemicals of any sort be that in the form of beauty products, household products or industrial foods. All this you might think is yes, common sense. However, as obvious as all this might sound it is surprising how all our good intentions and awareness of this go out the window the minute the weekend comes, or the holiday season arrives. Serve your body and your body will serve you. Remember, that everything is but energy, and we need the good energy that healthy living brings in order for us to be energetically at our peak. Remember, we cannot serve two masters. So, serve only yourself and what is going to maximise this life experience, don’t look back when you are 85 and regret not taking better care of yourself. The thing here is to think long-term. We only have one body to use during our lives, we can’t go and order a new one on Amazon. This IS it, there are no second chances., no replacement parts, no body doubles. A healthy lifestyle will carry us through life; enhancing our life experience and our spiritual growth. It is not all about just looking good, it is more about having self-love and out of that self-love, we look after ourselves in body, mind and soul. And in doing that, in looking after yourself, you are displaying gratitude to the Universe and to God for what they have given you. This in turn creates abundance, an abundance of health and happiness. As gratitude is the key to abundance. Like attracts like, and when you show gratitude, the Universe/God will give you more of it, this is natural law or universal law. So, as the days start to get that bit shorter, as the summer is starting to wind down, do not let go of looking after your body during the darker months that lie ahead. Keep fitness, diet and quality sleep to the fore. Don the water-resistant coat and get out for that walk, or jog. Ditch the hot chocolate for the sugar-free version and add some healthy honey instead. Use the darker days that are approaching to wind down after the intensity of summer to sleep more; hibernate a bit. But, don’t become bear-like! Smile, chill and enjoy your beautiful body, and this wonderful life that you have been given. As for me, I hope to have my renovations done before the winter, so I can hibernate happily!

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