Already the month of March. And I feel like going mad like a March hare! I have been learning a lot about patience this past year, on this my spiritual journey. And I feel like I want to hop about and go mad after been cooked up all winter. My illness has prevented me from walking, so truly I am etching to go. But, I still need to be very prudent and patient, as I am not yet fully healed; physically I have a road ahead of me. In actual fact, this has been for the second year running a very long and difficult winter for me. In that I have been presented with the challenge of immobility. And boy has it pushed me to my limits; I have had sky dives of highs and lows in my life but this one has been one of the biggest drops I ever experienced. To say the least, the whole saga has been an enormous challenge. Thankfully I had my spirituality to fall back on; to help me. Self-realisation, not only created an awareness of self as a spiritual being, but also a lot of self-understanding on-route. Mind you, I have done things the difficult way in my life, but I think it is only by that route that we truly learn. It has taken very hard lessons for me to learn, how and why I arrived at these junctions in my life. Nobody can do that for us; it is something that we must all do ourselves. We have unique journeys in this life, and we all have our lessons to learn. But, if we do them all with Spirit on board, it is far easier. Connectivity to Spirit, and help from the Spiritual realm is vital. For it is through the path of spiritual realisation, that we find the connection and love that we are all seeking. We may or may not be supported in the physical realm by too many people, we may only have very few to rely on; or even nobody. But when we are confident and secure; living in coalition with the Spiritual force that is God, then we know that we are upheld and loved. For we are but pure love; made from love, with love. We need never look outside of ourselves; all is within us. And when we look within, we discover that none of us are separate; only Oneness exists. I may not for now be able to walk, I cannot go out and mow the grass, nor do the simplest every day things. But, what I have is something far greater. I have the whole universe inside of me. I have an endless well of love within me. When I connect to that; life is truly worth living; be that a life in a wheel-chair or a life on two feet. Regardless of what life circumstance throws at us; nothing, absolutely nothing can shatter our consciousness and how we connect with the greater consciousness of God. Our souls are eternal and free. Being in tune with that gives one a true sense of what it means to truly be alive. I envy the March hares that are hopping around happy, but I can hop around happy within my mind, within my soul and with God. Every one of us can choose to do the same, or we can choose to remain rooted to where we are; never exploring, never expanding, only remaining still; decaying with the remnants of winter. I think I will stick with the March hare, who is not mad at all; au contraire; that hare is happy embracing who he is and the life that he has.

Happy March,

Blessings Edel.

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