New moon today and don’t you just love fresh starts! Every minute and every day can bring a freshness, and a new beginning if you just allow it. Because, it is funny how we can become stuck, stagnant and take things too seriously. We should be easier on ourselves, as the past is gone, the future has not yet arrived, and so all we have is the here and now. Every moment can allow us to shift our awareness, and remain present in the present. By doing so we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and overthinking that we can often drag ourselves down with. You see, when we are in a state of stress or anxiety we are not in alignment with our God centre or our ‘higher selves. But, when we are relaxed and at one with the world, things fall into place far easier for us. Getting our knickers in a knot and exhausting our good energies only serves to accentuate the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. So the calmer, more grounded and more in touch, you are with your higher self the better. You may not be able to control that which is in the world outside of you, but you are very much at the helm our your inner ship. And that ship needs to be steered intelligently by you. You are not a victim of circumstance when you have control of your inner essence. And nobody can take your inner self away from you. You may be on a beach or in a battle, but essentially it is up to you how you manage your interiority. By remaining in alignment and in the present moment life becomes a hell of a lot easier, and we cope far better. You see, we are here to learn how to play this game of life, and not to let life play us! We are the captain of our vessel, we should be at the helm steering ourselves calmly through any kind of water. Do not allow yourself to be tossed around by exterior circumstances or others, but learn to rest connected to the stillness of spirit that dwells inside of you, that which IS you. Because we are not victims, we are responsible adults who are capable of steering our own spiritual ship (or personal growth if that’s what you prefer to call it). We are all but a work in progress; all of us, each and every one of us has stuff to learn, stuff to work through. And it’s great, for if we had nothing to learn, life would be pointless, painless and downright boring. Happy sailing this spring.


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