I love YouTube. Ok, there is a lot of stupidity, but there is also a lot of great stuff on it too. Great free material, from great people, who use it as their platform; to get themselves known and to make money in the process. So, it’s a win, win platform for many. The other day I came across a YouTube channel, and the guy was speaking about our soul purpose; our purpose in life from a spiritual point of view. It was interesting, and a topic I am sure a lot of people would be interested in.; as a lot of people feel lost and misguided in life. Our soul purpose as it suggests comes from the level of the soul. It is from the level of our very essence, and it is our God particle. It is the part of us, that is connected to the divine. So, being deeply and sincerely connected to ourselves has huge benefits, as it is here where we find belonging and our purpose. Because, it is exactly that which a lot of people lack in their lives; purpose. And if people lack purpose, they lack a reason for life, they become mismatched and can feel alone and alienated. Therefore, it is vital to be grounded, and connected to your inner being throughout life. Your inner being or oversoul will guide you. You will recognise this through your intuition; through trusting your gut feelings and inner self. And the more you meditate and spend time standing still, the easier all this will become. And the more contact you have with your higher self, the more you expand in consciousness. Speaking of consciousness, this coming weekend we celebrate the resurrected consciousness of Jesus or Christ consciousness. Easter, that festival that pre-dates Christianity happens every year on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, now celebrates the risen Christ Consciousness. The Christ that was crucified or the lower ego self now rises like the Sun/Son and is resurrected from the dead of winter/from the lower self. Thus resurrection is celebrated in spring with all the newness and freshness that it brings. Christ or Unity consciousness is an all-inclusive, oneness consciousness that we should all be aiming for. If we all had this level of consciousness we would not be having any wars right now, nor famine, crime or no lower behaviours. In fact, resurrection truly is the answer to all of our human problems. Remember that this Easter season, and rejoice in the risen Christ who potentially is in all of us. For this is a wonderful time of the year, a magical time of the year. Just look outside and see how everything is coming back to life again, after the winter slumber. See how busy the birds are, and the new blooms that appear daily. All are just a small glimpse into the wonder and beauty of creation and the Creator. Rejoice and be glad for winter is over and the Sun/Son is with us and within us. May the resurrected Christ be glorified for what it truly is. Happy Easter to one and all.

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