You know for the first time in history – well for the last couple of decades, we have started to really think for ourselves. Yes, gone are the days when the church, school teacher, or whoever in so-called ‘authority’ told us how to live. That was what to do and how to do it. Society has hugely evolved and with that, we have found freedom. Freedom to be just who and how we want to be. But some are afraid that without moral guidance from for example the church that we will not even know right from wrong. That we will be led astray altogether. That all will fall apart, that civilized society and civilization as we know it will crumble, that we will become ‘Godless’. Oh, ye who have little faith in the human species! Never under-estimate the human race. What people forget is that spirituality is innately in us. That God is in us. That our inner -being is of God, and that this is always with us. We do not necessarily need an institutional authority to guide us when we have an inner guidance system of our own to rely on. This inner guidance system comes in the form of our ‘feelings’, and it is not complicated. It’s like this, does something make you ‘feel’ good or bad? Does hurting another make you feel good or does it make you feel bad and regretful? Feelings basically come from your inner-being or your soul, that is your God particle par say. Religions, churches, and religious leaders have their place, but they can also divide if they are not mature enough. But being in touch with your inner – being is going to reap you a lot more benefits than you can imagine. To get closer and more intimately connected with your inner being spend more time in mediation and more time in nature. By doing stuff like that you align yourself much more with your God-consciousness or higher – self, and this brings ample rewards. Rewards like a stronger sense of inner knowing; inner guidance, and of course the ultimate expansion of consciousness. Stuff like that only you yourself can grow into, it is not something that is acquired nor learned, but is a progressive process. So allow yourself the time for this process to develop, and at the same time remaining steadfast in ‘awareness’ of the process. Awareness is key, and to do things consciously is key. That is to say that we function better as conscious creators and not beings who are going along aimlessly, drifting in whichever direction the current is flowing. We need to be at the helm of our own boats and to steer it in the direction that we actually desire to go in. Being conscious creators of our own lives is such a blessing. It gives us control in a world that seems at times to be out of control. We of course cannot control the entire world, yet we can control what takes place in OUR own inner world. So if we create an inner world that is filled with joy, happiness, and love because these are feelings that make us feel damn good (because they are in alignment with our inner being), then we are happy bunnies bouncing along life’s highways. We navigate from a far better perspective, and this of course is reflected in our daily lives, and in our relationships. And one more happy bunny creates a much better world for all the other bunnies out there.

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