Technology is a gift; it helps us on a daily basis in many many ways and it is excellent when you know how to use it, but frustrating when things go wrong. And the same can be said about us as human beings. But of course, we are not just human beings, for we are far far more than that. Do not forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So in order to know how to operate ourselves; to live fully, we need to know ourselves as spiritual beings. So what is a ‘spiritual being’? A spiritual being is an extension of God and nothing less. Yet, many or most of us have forgotten that. We are simply a spark off of the fire of God. We are Gods. Most people think we are who or what society has labelled us to be, but we are none of those things. We are not male or female, our job, a family member, or the amount we have or have not in the bank. We are God. We are not our egos selves which tells us that we are far less than what we are. The ego is only the illusion trying to challenge who we really are. Therefore it is obvious that we should try to lessen the grip that the ego has on us and try instead to reconnect with the God spark that is within us. We do this yes by meditation and prayer, but on a practical level by displaying love and forgiveness for others. You can stand on your head doing yoga poses, drink all the herbal tea, eat only rabbit foods, and burn all the incense you desire, but none of that is going to attain spiritual enlightenment if you do not practice love and forgiveness. God does not care if you can do upward facing dog in your sleep, God does not care if you are eating an apple or a box of Pringles, God can only see love. The vibration of love and forgiveness is all that matters; everything else is just a tool to help you to attain love, but the actual heart-felt embodiment of love is the key. Remember God is love. God wants us to return home to Him through love. All spiritual practices are great; they are great as tools but they are not the vehicle that will directly bring us home to God. Yes, they will help point the way but they are not taking us through his doorway. It is only love that carries us right through the door and over the threshold as his new bride. It all sounds very simple, doesn’t it? but to embody love day in and day out is not a simple task. The thing is to keep trying and to forgive ourselves when we fall down. God waits for us patiently and lovingly. But the quicker we get this the better it is going to be for ourselves. Because if we do not get this now, we can spend many lifetimes trying to get back over that threshold and back home to God. In fact, nothing else matters, all the rest is just an illusion, our journey back to God is all that counts in this life. In fact, we are ironically trying to get back to a place that we never left. We have only forgotten who we really are, and now our job is to remember that and to embody that here and now, so as to create heaven on earth and a new dimension of reality that is better for everyone and everything.

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