In the coming weeks, I will turn fifty. Yes, fifty and fabulous as I keep telling myself, and not just for a joke; I am fabulous! I am a creation of God, I created myself from that spark that the Universe gave me, so yes of course I am fabulous in every way. So too is everyone else. We and all of creation are just fabulous. And this should be celebrated. Many people do not desire to get age, but I say bring it on! Many do not see the age of fifty, so for me, it is a privilege to be here, to be alive. To have gotten here without doing too much damage to myself is just a miracle in itself. When I look back to my drinking days I just cringe. When I think of all the drunken infused car crashes, falls and fights I had, truly I am lucky to still be here. And this has made me really appreciate all the more the fact that I am fifty and not just alive and well, but feeling great. Really feeling fabulous. I am in love with life, I feel better than I ever did in my previous younger years. Oh, it feels good to be older and wiser. Before I was lost you see, and now that I found myself 11 years ago it has turned my life around. I never cringe at my wrinkles, I never cringe to see my grey hair. All I do now is welcome with open arms all the physical signs that I am older. I have no regrets, and would not change a thing – not that I can. But thankfully I do not feel that way. I look ahead to an even brighter tomorrow, knowing that all my past experiences have not gone to waste, as I have learned so much. I have grown and expanded in the right direction. I asked heaven for help and by God I got it. I went with it and never looked back, hence, I am now fifty and fabulous in mind, body and soul. I feel an immense appreciation for that. Without that connection to my Higher Self and the Universe, I would not be here, it is as simple as that. I greet with open arms the next fifty years, as things can only continue to get better and better. And as I expect only good to come to me, that is exactly what will happen. Remember, we are creating our futures with our thoughts, so expect the best and the best will come to you. Age really is nothing at the end of the day, it is all about how you feel inside. I know people who are elderly and are more alive than the younger ones. Remember too that it is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count. Essentially what I am saying to myself when I declare that I am 50 and fab, is that I feel good! I feel good about myself and genuinely feel comfortable in my own skin. Stuff like that you cannot bottle and sell, it comes from the inside, it comes from being connected to the Source within you, that is your God particle. When you’re hooked up to that, which is within you, when you are living YOUR truth of course you are going to feel great no matter what age you’re at. I suppose this upcoming birthday has made me even more aware of that, and appreciate it all the more too. It is like an ocean of gratitude is washing over me, and I like this feeling – I don’t want it to end. I wish to remain in this state of perpetual fabulousity and appreciation for all of eternity.

Bring It On

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