I have been over the last few weeks trying to convey the message that the calmer we are on the inside, the better our lives are on the outside. That is; as the Hermetic teachings state ‘as above, so below’, or ‘as within, so without’ so to speak. But, as we grow through life, we do or did run into people and situations that can challenge us; vex us, frustrate us, and wear us down. Yes, we all have those experiences. Nobody sails completely calm throughout their life. Regardless of how spiritual we are, that is unless you have already achieved mastery of yourself, and if so bravo. But, nobody lives in a perfect bubble, nobody had it easy, and this is something we forget pretty quickly when we are at odds with another or think that nobody feels as we do. People clash all the time; especially within families or at work. But, where we can develop and gain is in our attitude to these conflicts or as I prefer to say ‘spiritual challenges’. We should view all of our life experiences as opportunities to grow, expand, flourish and amplify our human existence for the better. You see all of life is spiritual, there are no problems, only opportunities for spiritual growth. Occasions for connection and expansion abide all the time. Dear ones, our so-called enemies are always our best teachers, and we should always be grateful for all they are teaching us, for all they are pushing us to be. We create experiences that enhance and drive us forward. How we react or approach them is up to us. But one thing is for certain if we fall down instead of growing upward, then that life lesson remains unresolved, only for us to have to face it again until we do rise above and overcome it. You see, we should love our enemies for all that they articulate in us. They and the situation exist because we needed to learn such and such a particular life lesson. Remember, we are all co-creators, and each of us is ‘playing’ our different roles on this the centre stage of our lives. We learn as we go through life to become compassionate, patient, loving, caring, generous, kind, forgiving, trustworthy, loyal, etc without the experience of the ‘other’ this would not be possible. Yes, this also includes learning to be able to say ‘no’ to others, in order to learn how to love yourself more. But, again we need the ‘other’ in order to achieve that. Others can drive us nuts, and we can be narrow-minded and dislike them for that, but, embrace those who challenge us, it is so easy to love and care for those with who we are ok with. The real spiritual master bows down to those who expose our true character, who test our abilities to love. Those who teach us something, like patience, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance etc. For, it is these people that we should be most grateful for in life. Never, lose sight of that. And also, by showing us what we don’t want, we come to realise that which we do want in life. Again, we need others to show us this. We manifest people, places and circumstances to allow us to truly live our path in life. So appreciate them for who and what they are, for the great role that they play on this truly magnificent spiritual journey called life.

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