We are in a great time for humanity as more and more people are becoming aware and learning that we are in fact creating our own reality. Before this knowledge was only available to the few who had access to ancient esoteric teachings. But what is esoteric? and what are these ancient teachings? and how will the knowledge that they contain affect us as a collective human species and as individuals? It is those questions that I will be trying to unravel here in today’s blog. So, let us look at that now famous word ‘esoteric’, it is a word that conjures up fear, simply because it is not properly understood. The word itself ‘esoteric’ comes from the Greek word ‘esoterikos’, and it originally referred to the secret teachings of Greek philosophers. In the Collins dictionary, esoteric is explained as:

  • if you describe something as esoteric, you mean it is known, understood, or appreciated by only a small number of people.

It goes on to give esoteric synonyms as being: obscure, private, secret, hidden etc.,

Esoteric teachings are usually those that are only known to a select few or initiates of a group. Esoteric is something that is meant to be revealed only to a select few, it was something hidden, private or confidential, it was an element of an inner tradition. It has become associated with the hidden spiritual teachings of antiquity. Esoteric teachings were therefore only for a select few and hidden from the masses. But, thankfully all this is changing now. Nowadays almost all people have access to esoteric teachings. Just think of the fame that the movie and book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne reached and that book/film was all based on ancient Hermetic Egyptian knowledge (they say that the ancient Egyptians and other ancient cultures such as the Greeks and the Babylonians got their ancient knowledge from the Atlantians). These ancient esoteric teachings are not something to be feared nor passed off as New Age nonsense, but as genuine stepping stones to a better world for us all. Ancient teachings show us how we are indeed creating our own reality, and that therefore we have control of the lives that we can live. Big businesses, religions and governments of course did not want us to be aware of this. But, as society has opened up and evolved we do have these teachings easily available to us via the internet or in bookstores. Ancient esoteric teachings are not in contrast to established religions, they are both expressions of the same truths. But it is how these Truths have been delivered and understood that is where the difference lies. Ancient teachings basically tell us, (and so does the bible but in another roundabout way) that we live in an energetic magnetic universe; therefore we are but pure energy. Because of this energy, we can create our own reality. We do so because our thoughts are also waves of energy, and as this energy is magnetic we attract either positive or negative things to us. We can repulse our dreams leaving them further away from manifesting into reality, or we attract them into our reality. We do this on an individual and also on a collective level. So, that means we create things on a personal level, on a group level as a community of individuals, as a country, as a continent, and as a planet. We have the power to create a wonderful and amazing place for us to live. We can truly create heaven on Earth, but we need awareness of more and more people to do this. We need this esoteric knowledge to be spread further and further on the individual, and global levels. Jesus said to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’, love gives great positive energy, and love is the global key to raising the energy of this planet, so as to attract and create a better world. We can control what we create by our thoughts, so think positive, think love, think abundance, think good weather, think perfect health, think wealth, think knowledge, think growth, and think well of yourself and of others. We can create a better world one by one. Oceans are made of little drops. We have the power within us to change the world, we do this by changing our outlook, and we do that by changing our thoughts. Thoughts are things; thoughts create tomorrow not only for us but for our children and our children’s children. So, God bless the knowledge that we now finally have and use this to our advantage. Thank God for seeking and rooting out new things, new ways of being and new ways of thinking. Thank God for those men and women who upheld and guarded these so important esoteric teachings for us, and that we now have the capabilities to understand them and to implement them. Science too has backed up ancient knowledge. Scientists like Einstein discovered that mass and energy are the same things. Scientists are well aware that everything in the Universe is energy, and that we operate in an energetic universe. She can now see our brain waves on a hospital monitoring screen. We can see that our thoughts are electric pulses, and it is these pulses have the ability to change the world. Esoteric teachings are excellent; drop the fear of the unknown and look them up.

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