As I lament the last few days of summer and look forward to the onset of autumn, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the summer went. The autumn equinox is in two days on September 22nd, where we will have equal hours of day and night, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. From then on in we will have more hours of darkness as opposed to daylight hours in the northern hemisphere and the inverse for the southern hemisphere. The equinox, therefore, brings with it powerful balancing energy. This energy needs to be tapped into and integrated into our light bodies, and consciousness. The best way to do this is of course to meditate, go within, and reconnect with one’s self. After the fiery heat of summer, it is now time to cool down and let go. This is a time of harvest, of things coming to fruition; it is a period of new beginnings and a time to reset, and reflect. I for one have learned a lot this summer, and yes, as usual, I learned the hard way, but it has done me a great service. I love growth, I love expansion, and even if that means growing pains, it is what I am here for. I am here to experience and grow, no one is here to stagnate nor stand still. Expansion is at the heart of the Universe, and as the Universe is inside of us; expansion, therefore, is also at our essence. Moving forward is our natural state of being, which is mirrored in nature, or may I say our lives or state of being is mirrored in nature. The natural world comes before us, as we are simply guests on this planet. Mother Earth can not only survive without us, it would thrive even more so if we were not here. But, we, well, we are a different story, as we need the Earth to survive. This in and of itself should nudge us to take far better care of our host planet, but that is another day’s work, and for this, I would need a book, not a blog! Also, I think everyone is kinda ecologically aware by now, but not as much spiritually aware sadly. Many still do not realise how important spiritual awareness is; how all is but pure spiritual energy. Many do not realise the connection between emotions and health; that thoughts and emotions are energy, feeding into our physical body either positive or negative energy and therefore good or bad health. You see headlines about the state of the ecology of the planet all over the place. It is global headlines, never do you see headlines in papers or on the news telling us that which has been known for centuries; that is simply that thoughts are creating our reality. How you think affects your well-being, your individual consciousness and us as a collective consciousness. That is huge news. Yet, never is it on the telly, making breaking news. Pharmaceutical companies and governments probably would not appreciate that you see, as it gives back power to the people, and weakens their control. In fact, the biggest news or intelligence that is the most beneficial to mankind is still kept at arm’s length from us. Unless, you stumble across it yourself, or are lucky to be curious and open to it all and research it for yourself as I did. It is astonishing when you think of how the laws of the Universe are not yet being thought in schools from day1. This is stuff even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians knew of. So, why the hell in the 21st century is there still almost a kind of cover-up taking place? Thank God for the internet, that nowadays we have lots more access to information and books. But, as I already stated the information has to be rooted out, it is not put into our faces, nor advertised. We ‘think’ we are living in a free society, but really I have great doubts about it. Otherwise, basic universal principles would be thought in kindergarten. Eventually, this will change, as thankfully there are too many knowledgable people out there now. Times, are changing and for the better that is for sure. Once this brilliant ball has started to roll there is no going back that’s for sure. Knowledge is power; personal power. Continue, to empower yourself, continue to grow and change just as the seasons are doing so now. Embrace the equinox, for the new energetic beginning that it is and spread the word that we are spiritual beings creating our own reality.

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