As the weather gets colder now, the summer sun seems like a distant memory; but that’s ok, as we now have the joys of winter to look forward to. Some people may not appreciate that so much, but winter is cosy! As we retreat indoors we are invited to look within, slow down and rest more after the long busy days of summer. We have passed the energetic high point of Halloween, and the subsequent eclipse, so now we have the run-up to the winter solstice to look forward to. The wheel of the year is turning, and there is no going back. We can only go upward and onward and indulge our spirits in some extra TLC on these long autumn nights. So, paper yourself, and take the time you need to recharge and rest. I for one am tired; I am going through a busy period, so I know that no Netflix series is worth losing sleep over (temping and all as that is). Our sleep and rest are vital to us. So, take a leaf out of nature’s book and think about hibernating; closing down for a while gives you the energy you need for later re-emergence. Nature, as always has a lot to teach us; particularly in autumn/winter. Let go and release is very much the message that is being echoed to us at this time of year. Let go of being busy, and just BE. Do not forget the essential, that being is far more important than doing. Now, is the quiet period before the busy holiday season of Christmas so make the most of it! In 2/3 weeks times we will start to run around like lunatics, so use this time wisely. Reflect on what it is this autumn that you need to let go of. Journal and spend more time in meditation if possible. Note all that came to fruition for you this autumn and be in a state of gratitude for, not only that but all the many and great blessings we have in our lives. And for all the amazing people we have to share our lives with; both the family, friends and people who teach us life lessons. Whether we realise it or not; we are indeed blessed. No matter what our circumstances may be, we are blessed to be here in this wonderful wholesome life experiment. For it is pure genius the whole holographic experience of being human. But, it does require a conscious effort to remain connected to our inner being, or source during this lifetime. Without that connection to our Source, the experience of life is going to be harder – a lot harder for us. So, take the opportunity on these long autumn nights to rekindle that connection you have to your inner self; your higher self,/source energy within you and let more of the smaller self of ego fall away just as those autumn leaves do. Embrace the darkness, so you can re-emerge more enlightened and more energised.

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