I stumbled across Freddy Silva on Gaia tv. If you like the Gaia channel is the equivalent of a spiritual Netflix internet channel. And from time to time I stumble on some interesting people and topics. Freddy Silva, an author, is a guy who is fascinated with sacred sites. He is the expert on them, he has written many books on the subject and has appeared on many tv-shows. I find the whole topic of sacred sites fascinating. What do I mean by sacred sites? I mean the places on the Earth that are energetically charged (where telluric lines meet or intersect, or there is an energetic vortex), that has been built on by man in order to harness and amplify these energies in order to expand consciousness. Not all sites have been built on, many are solely natural environments left to themselves. But most are marked in some way or form by man, in order that the energies are amplified Рthis is done by the specific sacred geometry of the constructed buildings. But also that these special places are marked and remembered for generations to come, so that mankind can expand and grow. Sacred sites include the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK, Glastonbury UK, Newgrange in Ireland, Uluru in Australia, Chartres Cathedral France, Lourdes France, Temple of the Mont Jerusalem, Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Mount Sinai Egypt, Devils Tower Wyoming, USA, Sedona Arizona, USA, Varanasi India, Machu Picchu Peru, just to name a few. There are many worldwide be they of lesser or greater degrees of celebrity, locally there are many smaller ones also. Each has its own special energy, and if we are open to it each location has something different to offer us. Deênding on where you are the energy can be more feminine than masculine or the other way around. So it will depend on what your needs are, a site with mostly feminine energy is not going to impact you if your requirements are of a more masculine nature. Also, like anything in life, our approach to these sites has a lot to do with what we get from them. And as we live in a dualistic universe it has to be a give and take, and that is certain. You must first and foremost go with an attitude of reverence, and respect, honouring that which is in front of you. You must give of yourself and only then can you receive that which the site has ready for you, for you can go many times to the same place and have a different experience each time. Each visit building on that that went before, and on what kind of energy you need in any given moment in your life. Sacred sites are blessings, and if we are serious about spiritual growth, then we should make it a priority to visit as many as possible. There are sites on every continent, in practically every country to a greater or lesser degree. Find out nationally and locally where are the energetic hot spots in your area, for they are well worth a visit. These can be anything from holy wells, churches to mountain tops, but go. Utilise what we have been naturally blessed with, maximise these energies to enhance and empower your spiritual growth.

Close-up view of ancient stones during sunset at UNESCO World Heritage Site at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK. Sun shines through the stones. Major tourist destination, archaeological and pilgrimage site during Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice. Visible grain, softer focus.

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