Lord help us, life seems to be one thing after another these days! Life presents many challenges that will leave us wholly deflated or inspired to triumph and rise above them. We will either be victims or victorious. I for one choose victory whenever possible. But in order to be victorious and to be paraded around with the gold medal around our necks, we do need some help. We did not incarnate into this physical realm alone, yes there are others sharing this life here with us, but we also have our team of guides, guardians and angels to help us along. So this is just a reminder that we need to call on our team in Spirit whenever we need help with stuff. Just don’t forget that they’re there. Yes, athletes have their coaches, horses have their trainers, and we have our families and friends to support us. But we also have the unseen team in the realm of Spirit at our disposal so use it; ask for help and guidance with whatever you need be it large or small. Ask for help and then be open to receiving it. I being mostly vegetarian sometimes need help and guidance with my diet, so I ask for help from my angels, and I sit in stillness and or am out in nature I can more clearly hear the guidance that is given. We need to be receptive vessels for receiving and interpreting divine guidance. We are not going to be that if we ladden ourselves with toxins, be that in the form of sugar, junk food or drugs and alcohol. So for that reason and for a lot of other good reasons also, a healthy lifestyle is vitally important if we are going to be able to live our lives to our full potential. Looking after ourselves in mind, body and spirit is an extremely important method and philosophy that will enable us to better enjoy our lives. We will have a superior and more fulfilling life experience all around. In fact, each positive step that we take for our betterment is bringing us closer to God, closer to the God within us. Experiences like drunken splurges, fights, drugs and doughnuts are but a search for God and a cry for help. So go easy on yourself and others, as we are all on this learning curb together. Take little steps towards betterment, and soon enough we will arrive at the first station, then the second station and so on. Life is but a journey, and it is a never-ending journey. We never fully make it to the final destination as there is none. There is only one destination and it is already in you, so don’t go around and around in circles trying to chase your tail. I know that this sounds contradictory to what I was saying but, the journey to wholeness starts and ends within you. That is what I mean, and drugs and doughnuts are not a vehicle to get there. When you are hitch-hiking it is only Spirit that is going to give you the ride home. Others will pull up and offer you a ‘lift’ but they will take you far away from the place you want to go, and the happiness that you seek. So wise up, and dump the doughnuts and drugs whatever they might be for you, be victorious instead of a victim.

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