Listening to your inner voice speaking to you is so important. It is the key to your health and happiness, in fact, everything in your life depends on it. If you are not true to yourself you will end up being miserable and eventually sick. These all come from not aligning with yourself; from not living your truth. Your truth is your Truth and no one else’s, your thinking is different from others, and it is what essentially makes you; it is what makes us individuals. Others who are not your true friends will want you to think as they do, and to do as they want. That is of course selfish and will extinguish your light faster than a bucket of ice-cold water would. Living your truth, of course, has to be authentic, it has to not be selfish either, but for your higher good, and the good of the whole. What is good for the whole is more happier peaceful people. Happier, peaceful people make happier peaceful communities and therefore a better world for us all. Living your truth is thus vitally important for the good of us all, and the energy of the planet. And the Universe has our backs, it will help you to achieve that which you desire; the Universe or God if you prefer will send you the people and circumstances to do just that. So hold on in there, and take daily steps to living your truth – even little steps along the way will do until a greater opportunity manifests itself. Hold on to your dreams and determination, for those are the pathway to delivering that which you desire. Do not let anyone sway you away from where you want and need to go. For this is your journey, this is your life path and no one else’s. Heaven will help if you ask for it. So, stick to your guns, and be open to all possibilities. Pave a way in complete trust that your prayers, desires and dreams for your life can and will come true. Do not be afraid, hold steadfast to who you are, and not who others want you to be. You will never be this age again, this time will never come again, so grab your goals and go for them, knowing well in the knowledge that you are loved and supported by God and your guides. And if you have any doubts, about which direction to take let God be your guide. You will hear the voice of God from within you if you continuously stop and listen to your inner guidance, your inner nudgings and deep inner feelings that arise from within the echos of your soul. Your inner yearnings are telling you what to do; gently pushing you towards the joyful direction in which you desire and essentially must go. The urges that you have are not coming from nowhere but from the inner depths of your soul. Therefore, these are powerful messages that you must not ignore. To do so is to live a life out of self and divine alignment, throwing you completely off balance and far far away from that brilliant life lived in alignment with your true self. Spirit is for you, so who and what could be against you? Do not be an idiot and allow yourself to live the life you were born to live, with no excuses accepted.

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