Recently, I heard Michael Mirdad saying how it is not about worshipping Jesus, or anything outside of you, instead, it is about becoming the Christ ourselves. What did he mean by that? He suggested that it is about growing in Christ consciousness, or God consciousness. Jesus was the historical figure, but the Christ means that God part of us, the God within us, so by becoming the ‘I AM’ presence of God or Christed, we are doing what we were put here to do. It was for that reason simply to remember who and what we are that we were put here. It is truly that simple. All any of us has to do is to become the Christ on Earth. To wake up, and be who we were born to be. It is all fine to respect the teachers that God has sent us, and it is through them that we can be shown the way home. But do not mistake the student for the Master, and do not idolise those who are not God, only God is God. Yes, Father/Mother God has had and has many helpers such as saints, angels, teachers etc yet do not replace them for the real deal. I see myself down through the years, how I have had and still do have devotion to certain saints, and they for sure have helped me. But also they have been an obstacle to me seeking the main man God Him/Her self. Thoroughly we have to look and see who or what am I praying to. Am I making a deity out of these saints? Bypassing God, or am I being correct in using them as a stepping stone? For the most part, I have at times been subconsciously bypassing God, unintentional as it was. But at least I am aware of it now and am trying to get back on track and reconnect with God 100%. There is only one God, one consciousness that created everything, so why should I settle for less? Saints most definitely have their place, as does Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Shiva etc but they are vehicles to get us there and they themselves are not the destination. The destination is God consciousness and the only way to get there is via God itself. Remember, it is the God particle that is in us, and nothing nor no one else. So we need a ticket direct to God at Terminal 1 and nowhere else. We can take either the direct route or go the long way around, with many stops. Which will naturally enough be far longer, and be of more personal expense and with far more consequences. It might seem on the day cheaper to take the longer route, but believe me in the long term the costs are far higher, and the route more dangerous, which is not recommended. So which terminal are you bound for? Which train are you going to ride? The long hard way can also mean worshipping the false god of the ego self. That is the longest route of them all… Many obstacles or distractions can put us off track, so we have to keep our focus, and only buy that one-way ticket to Terminal 1. We cannot afford to listen to things that are going to derail us, we have to grow up and take responsibility for where we are. If we are not where we would like to be then it is up to us to change it, as nobody else can do it for us. So be clear and focused about where you wish to go. We can go to God and be blissful, or we can stay going around and around on the ferret wheel. Where is it you wish to be? For me the choice is easy… a direct ticket to Terminal 1, please!

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