I ‘ve been hearing a lot about ‘karma’ lately and I mentioned it in my last post. Well, it is still cropping up here and there. Raising its head within articles or in lectures So I have decided to expand a bit on it. Karma is something that we need to understand because it is vital that we rid ourselves of unwanted karma. Karma is like a cloud hanging over us until we get it right. Karma (according to the dictionary) in Hinduism and Buddhism is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Karma is akin to the ‘lessons’ that we have to learn on this our spiritual journey through life. It is important to note that karma is not about punishment, rather it is about taking responsibility for one’s actions. According to the theory of karma, what happens to a person, happens due to their own actions. Karma if you like is about the cycle of cause and effect. So if you have not learned compassion, love, kindness, generosity, humility, patience, forgiveness, to let go of grudges, etc; then after you die you will have to come back to this earthly plane of existence and do it all over again until you learn what lessons you were meant to learn in the previous life. It is so important for us to try to get it right this time. Remember, we do not want to be chasing our tails. We want to climb the spiritual ladder, to free ourselves from the cycle that we have created for ourselves. The best advice that I heard of late was from Dolores Cannon, who in one of her interviews said, ‘let go’. Let go is all you have to do. Let go of the begrudging behaviors, let go of not forgiving others, let go of wanting more, let go of wanting everything here and now or yesterday, let go of the ego, let go of the material world, let go and allow for ‘Presence’. Allow for the divine presence within to shine through you, so that you can easily let go of all that does not serve you. It is like the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) motto, ‘let go and let God’ and it is the same for all that we have to learn in this life. Let go and let Spirit lead the way, let us by-pass our egos and allow for the light to shine that is within us. That is the light of our divine, I AM presence. By letting go and allowing, we essentially can break the cycle of karmas that we are held hostage to. We can become free. People think that ‘freedom’ is an external thing, like coming out of confinement, but it is not. Freedom is only found on the inside. By being truly Free on the inside it is only then that you are free in the outside material physical world. Because our exterior world is simply a mirror of our interior world. We project all from the inner to the outer. Our reality is simply our interiority pushed out, (Neville Goddard). By not being hostages to our karma, we can create interior worlds that will reflect love, joy, happiness, and bliss into our exterior realities. And cycle this wheel of karma like it is meant to be: a one-way ride with a destination and not an eternal ferret wheel going nowhere.

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