‘Divine Intervention’, this phrase came up in conversation lately and many may say that there is no such thing, believing only in pure chance, whilst others claim it was the hand of God himself that orchestrated something. But, what if there is another aspect to these ‘divine intervention’ moments? Moments that change your life, moments that hold momentum and help you change direction in your life, moments that unfold as ‘seeing the light’, or waking up. Is it always a direct intervention from God? or is it something of the divine in you yourself? Is it that our soul is screaming out to us, to tell us something, that pulls us in a different direction…? And what about ‘destiny’? where does that fit in? Do we have a distinctive ‘destiny’ as such? I for one believe that certain major life events are already predestined for us. I believe this because I have felt this in my own life; places and people that have entered my life and at perfect times were by no means there by chance. Destiny is also a ‘feeling’ that ya, this seems to fit and to be in line with my soul’s life purpose, even if you do not realize that that is what it actually is; your divine life purpose. Divine intervention can and does happen of course, but, maybe not in the manner that we always think. It is like I said earlier, it is when your soul is screaming something at you, but, this time you can actually hear it and you listen to that voice within you. Your soul or your higher self is ‘divine’, so therefore divine intervention occurs a lot more often than what you give it credit for. Divine intervention, or living from the level of your soul; listening to your inner voice is not frivolous, it is not like the difference between choosing a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, it has much more depth than that. Listening to your inner voice, in fact, helps you align with the bigger decisions in your life, this helps you to choose that which is for your higher good. What is for my ‘higher good’? well that is up to you, that I cannot tell you as no two people are on the same path, but, what I can tell you is that we need to listen at the level of the soul so that we are capable of choosing what is best for us at any given moment in our lives. If you cannot hear your ‘higher self’, your’soul’, your inner ‘divine spark’ than life, in general, is going to be harder for you, simply because you will lack that guidance, that inner intuition and knowing that comes from living at the level of the soul. That is why it is so important to spend time connecting with your self, be that in nature, in meditation or in stillness. It does not matter which route you take as long as you get there and can drown out the noise of this world and go inside your self. This world has the tendency to distract and detain us so much so that we cannot hear our soul speak to us. Divine intervention is always always always available to us, but, it is up to us to seek it out and to listen to it. Listening to your inner self or your soul can come not in the form of a divine declaration or decree as such, no, it is much more subtle than that, it can come in the form of clarity, of feelings or of heightened intuition. You will recognize it when it comes and it is always gentle, tender and loving, coming from Source; a place of love greater than we can ever imagine.

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