As August comes to a close and the days begin to get shorter we already begin to start thinking ahead to the autumn, Halloween and even Christmas! But, before we really get ahead of ourselves, we must reflect on the summer and be grateful for all that has been given. Our modern society is so fast-paced that it does little or nothing to keep us in the present moment, so we need to reflect on it and all that we have….. Everything nowadays seems to start earlier and earlier… We get sooooo ahead of ourselves that we can forget to digest and appreciate the present moment… but let us savor the end of summer and breath in the sublime sunshine… autumn is not here yet, not until the equinox on September 23rd. So let us take one step at a time… The same needs to be said in all of our manner of living; let us take it one step at a time, keeping it in the present and to not get too far ahead of ourselves. Slowly does it, because the more we slow down, the more productive we can become. It is by only keeping grounded in the present that we can really learn to live; that is to leave the past in the past and let tomorrow take care of itself. Rushing and stressing will only make us trip ourselves up and allow us to continue on that treadmill going nowhere. By slowing down we are essentially speeding up, but, how you might ask? Is it not counterproductive to slow down when you are under pressure? Quite simply by even slowing down, by taking a few deep breaths and a step back you are in fact recharging your batteries. No machine can run on empty batteries, we all need recharging; for that’s what we do when we sleep. But, we can give ourselves quick recharges and a quick reboot by taking time out of our day to breath deeply or to do a ten-minute meditation, or to take a walk in nature or the park, or to pray. Life can be stress-free if you are self-responsible and ‘managing’ yourself correctly. And anyhow, least us not forget first and foremost that all “stress” is relative and is self-created in the mind. We have the power to control our emotions and our thinking, therefore if you decide to be chilled you can be, and by incorporating daily recharges into our busy day, then that will help to keep you focused and grounded. Otherwise, you could let yourself be swallowed up by life. And remember we are here to live happy, joyful, healthy and abundant lives. Your life is precious, your life IS your own, so do not let outside circumstances define you, take charge and take control; remember your personal power, no one is a victim unless you decide to be a victim! The power is in your hands: in your head and in your heart, so use your head to keep you happy and grounded with things in perspective. Decide to be grounded and happy now, and so it is.

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