If you want to give the world your best, then first we must be at our best. That is, first and foremost that one is in alignment with one’s Higher-Self. We cannot tap into our highest potential of who we are, if we are not in contact with the Source intelligence that is within us. We must organise our internal energies; our heart and our mind energies, as our lives are shaped by our interiority. It is the internal that will determine our external experience for us. All of life, therefore finds meaning on the internal plane. So, if we wish to be of service in the world, we first we must of service to ourselves. So, therefore, be a light onto yourself, before you can be a light onto others. And in order for myself to expand into the fullness of my light, I am continually trying to learn more. The universe; God has presented me with lots of great teachers and I yet have so much to learn. Life is but a journey of exploration and in that exploration I find great joy in discovering more about God, myself, how this universe really works and this wonderful thing called life. Because life is wonderful. Ok, I have my bad days – very bad days in fact, yet I have overcome myself to see past life’s trials and tribulations in order to see the pure joy and love that exists in all of creation. Being off my feet for over a year now due to injury has been the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I have been in a lot of pain etc., I have been through the mill, and frustrated at not being able to walk – sitting on my ass looking out the window. Not being able to exercise, nor go to the shops. In fact, I had to surrender all the things I enjoyed doing. I miss the connection to nature so much. I miss meeting people in the morning and felt more alone and cut off. For me it has been worse than the covid-19 lock-down. But within these dark days I read more, I discovered gentle yoga exercises that I could do. Essentially, I had yet another ‘dark night of the soul’, and am coming out of it better off than when I went in. And when you are down and out, one does discover more quickly who their friends really are. But what this period of illness has given me, is an opportunity to shed even more of my perceptions of what it is that makes me happy. It has made me realise that I had placed my happiness within the confines of ‘conditions’. Having the ability to overcome, and to cope without those ‘conditions’ has been an expansive experience. It has made one realise that authentically everything starts and stops with our thinking. How we think shapes our state of mind. And when we have nothing left only our state of mind, it is then that we sit up and really pay attention to what we are telling ourselves. Just trying to let go of ‘conditions’ or practicing “detachment” alone will not work unless we genuinely understand how we ourselves are turning ourselves into slaves when we are not aware of our thoughts; thinking and the reasoning behind them. In fact, we put conditions behind everything in life; I will be happy when I have a new job, I will be happy when I am at the beach, I will be happy when I see my boyfriend etc. All the time we place conditions on our happiness. It is just such a pity that we cannot simply decide to be happy now. As it is the now that is creating our tomorrow. So, with that in mind I have decided to be happy now. You too should do the same.



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