Fed up with dying my hair to conceal my grey hairs has become bothersome. I have been using products like hair colourants that state they are almost natural, only to discover that they are far from natural, (when I scrutinized them in a mobile phone application). God bless these new apps that can show us what is healthy and good in cosmetics and food products. I find using the YUKA app the best, as it is free, it gives health implications and it suggests healthier alternatives if the product you had scanned was not good. But chemicals are everywhere and are in everything and it is not good at all for us. We are the most poisoned generation in history, but thankfully now people are now more aware of what they are consuming and using. Mercifully, all is going in the right direction, as we cannot continue down the chemical route. And we are not only poisoning ourselves but also the planet of course. Chemicals are detrimental to our bodies subtle energy system, chemicals are on a very low vibrational scale, so they are in opposition to our naturally high vibrational energy system. That is why it is so important to live as cleanly as possible, as otherwise, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Anyway, as you progress on your spiritual journey, and as your vibrational body ascends, you will no longer be attracted to lower vibrational foodstuff or chemical products. This of course is excellent news for us and for the planet. This is another great reason as to why spirituality is so important in society. We create a far healthier and cleaner environment for all on this planet. Raising your vibrations be it by any spiritual practice like meditation, prayer, meditating in nature and a holistic lifestyle is crucial for life to continue on this planet. Raising our vibrational bodies has far-reaching consequences that not only help us but also others and the environment at large. Making lifestyle choices that are healthy also helps to raise the vibrations of the entire planet, as there are fewer dense negative energies in the ether in general. So you might think that making small gestures like changing to an organic shampoo or eating less meat is only going to help you, it is not. You will be in fact aiding the greater good. And the more and more people that do that then the greater the knock-on effect will be. So ditch the junky, harsh chemicals from your hygiene products, foods and household cleaning products for those that are cleaner, greener and healthier for us all. Google products and apps that are going to help you to live cleaner, like the YUKA app that I mentioned. Go to YouTube and search for videos on how to make your own cleaning and hygiene products, even classes are being run to help people to discover how to do this. If there are none in your area, then learn from someone who is already doing it elsewhere and start one yourself in your region to encourage others. Opportunities abound to go greener and cleaner, so go for it.

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