Easter blessings to all. The Christ Jesus resurrected from his tomb of darkness and ascended into the light, and we too are called to do the same. We can see how the theme of resurrection is being played outside in the natural world this time of year, so it is no coincidence, that it is now in spring that we celebrate resurrection. It is all fine and dandy to eat Easter eggs etc, but it must and should go further than that. As I said we too, are being called to resurrect. We too are being called out of the ‘tomb’ of our illusions and ego and into the heightened Light of Spirit. Christ did not resurrect so we could have egg hunts and eat hot cross buns. The Christ was first and foremost a teacher and a way shower. He was trying to show us the best way to live a good life, so that we can live differently. Live better, longer and more fulfilled. People largely understand Easter as Jesus walking out of the tomb after being dead for 3 days; that he rose from the dead; he has overcome death. Therefore we celebrate life after death; eternal life. Easter is far deeper than that. What we must comprehend is that we have to do the same; we too must overcome our ‘dead’ selves, in order to truly live. And that my dears is where the challenge lies. We would not be dancing for joy so much if we realised the task that Easter really is. I know that I sound like a kill-joy, yet what Christ did yes, was glorious and yes, we should celebrate eternal life etc. But, in order to have a good eternal life, (and we will have many next lives), we have to grow now. Not tomorrow, not next week, nor next year, now. We have to start to resurrect ourselves now. We have to change now. We have to do the work now. We have to wake up from our egos now. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, so therefore the time is now. We push the resurrection button now, and commence on the path to proceed closer to the light of God that is within us now. We crucify our ego selves and we surmount our Calvary cross now. Christ did not suffer so we could over indulge in chocolate eggs. We have to be more intelligent about it, and see Easter for what it really is. Fine celebrate, but meditate and realise that this crucifixion business was not meant for Him and Him alone. No, it was never that simple, Easter has many layers of meaning and symbolism attached to it. And we if we are serious have to take up the challenge that Christ demanded of us. Otherwise we will remain in the dark tomb; buried alive in this shell of a body, unaware and asleep to the Christ that is in all of us. No doubt, we will be in the dark tomb eating chocolate eggs, growing fatter on our ignorance. So let in some light this Easter, and celebrate resurrection as it should be, rise up from those tombs that our heads and hearts are in, and go seek the Christ within instead. Resurrect yourself, renew yourself, challenge yourself to find the God within and live in alignment with the truth of who you really are. Be what God intended you to joyfully be.

Happy Easter.

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