There is only one thing on my mind today and that is to pray for peace. The shocking, yet unsurprising news that Russia invaded Ukraine has sent alarm bells around the world. The peace of not only Europe but of all the world is at stake; the world needs prayers. Please pray for peace, for Ukraine and for Russia. Pray for world leaders, who now have to make hard decisions. Remember that prayer is basically the sending of good energy, and we need as much good energy as possible to overcome the negative energy emanating from war and aggression. War and aggression raise their ugly head when consciousness is at lower levels. Hence, the importance of raising the consciousness and vibrations of the planet and everyone on it. It is at times like these where we can easily see the benefits of spirituality because that’s what spirituality basically is all about; raising your vibrations to attain higher consciousness. If Vladimir Putin and his regime had a higher level of consciousness I would be writing about something else right now. Sadly, some people think that spirituality is of little consequence. Under-estimating spirituality for something airy-fairy or for the naive in cuckoo land is a big mistake. People of higher consciousness are not aggressors and nor do they start wars. The world needs higher consciousness and many more spiritual people in it. But for now, we are out-weighed by people who are solely focused on the material and physical world, therefore people need to try to make up for the imbalance. We need to pray and a lot, we need to put out as much good energy into the ether as possible right now. We need to focus and pray night and day that this war that Russia has started will come to an end quickly and as peacefully as possible. We may not be armed with weapons of war, yet we have a stronger weapon which is prayer. Believe in the power of prayer, use this weapon now as much as you can so that we can send as much love and light as possible to where it is now needed most; Ukraine. People forget that we are not helpless in times like this, for we can be spiritual soldiers. So take up our weapons of words and fight! because in the end, Good will prevail. We can with our collective consciousness be powerful together and create a sharp and strategic weapon of collective higher consciousness. But this will not happen by itself, we need to mobilise mentally and pray.

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