Recently I have been going through a busy period and this perturbs me a bit as it pulls me in many different directions; many of which I do not want to go in. You see, I like my quiet peaceful life, I like me to spend as much time in stillness as possible, and with as little distractions as possible. I always put my focus on my inward growth and not on the exterior, but, life is not always like that, and sometimes it is necessary to engage in material things in order to live. Many people battle with ‘busyness’ on a daily basis, and when I have to enter into it and leave my spiritual focus for a while, I find I am feeling a little off balance. So how does one keep their balance of body, mind, and soul throughout a busy day or a particularly busy period? No matter what is happening around me I always make time to meditate and to pray at some point in the day; be that in the early morning or very late at night. Because it is very easy to let your interiority go (your spiritual side) when you are preoccupied with the outside material world. And let us not forget that everything in our lives flows from Spirit. Spirit is first and foremost, Spirit is where we came from, Spirit is who we are and Spirit supplies all our needs. So, to let go of Spirit, or our interior true – selves is never a good idea. Standing still in conjunction with spirit, with our higher consciousness, with our True – Selves is the most important thing we can do each day. We only think that other things are more important, but, that is only a delusion created by the insecure ego mind. And it is when we stand still with Spirit that we fully realize this; it is a catch 22 scenario if you like, but, you do have the advantage of knowing this already; you are being told what to do. We have been told what to do since time began, we have been instructed, tutored, preached to, guided, educated about the importance of Spirit in our lives. So what is stopping us from following the pearls of wisdom of the ages? Again, it is our ego minds, because your ego mind will fool you into thinking that it is the material world; the next meeting, that it is more work to make more money, basically, your ego mind will try to tell you a lot of things that you do not really need. Our ego minds are very insecure, and if we let that insecurity run riot; we end up listening to our ego and not our higher-selves. Our ‘higher-selves’ is the place where spirit resides within us. It is also known as your True-Self, your soul if you prefer. And it there where we need to place our attention, even in the midst of mayhem, even if we are busy as a bee, we need to remain connected and in-tune with our higher selves. Because, this connection will help us get through life a lot easier, happier and healthier. Without such a connection we will continue to feel lost, lonely, insecure and unfulfilled. So, no matter what your day may consist of always make time to tune into, to listen to, to stand still, and in some manner connect with the spirit/soul that’s within you; that is your higher and True-Self. And with a strong connection to spirit, you will be armed, able and more than capable to face whatever the day throws at you.

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