Prayer is something that is deemed old fashioned and from a bygone era that no longer is relevant to us. We are now hip, cool, and sexy and therefore prayers are only for those geeks that are still in the dark ages, no? Am I not right? Prayer does not seem to feature in this upbeat equation, or may I say this modern cultural lifestyle bubble that a lot of us live in. Yet, it IS deemed cool to have Buddha deco; like statues, images, and its really cool to burn incense and light candles, etc to create an ‘atmosphere’, in our bid to be ‘spiritual’. Or maybe it’s all just to project the correct current fashionable image. Who knows, but one thing is for sure the habit of praying does not seem to feature as prominent as before, and that is a shame. Yes, mediation is now deemed chic, sophisticated, and contemporary, but poor old prayer is not deemed to be on the same level of importance, nor on the same level of relevance. Both meditation and prayer are as old and as revered as each other, but meditation which is great has over-taken prayer in spiritual standing. Poor old prayer has been left behind by many and this is not ideal. Prayer sadly has been misunderstood, mismanaged, and probably too much associated with religion. But these images of prayer and the misperceptions of what prayer actually is needs to be turned on its head. What is required is a fresh dip into the pool of prayer, so we can refresh our understanding of it, and all its fruits.

Firstly, prayer is a calling on the Divine, this in and of itself immediately brings us into contact with the higher vibrations of Spirit. This in turn cleanses and purifies our energy system. By cleaning and purifying our energy systems, we can grow and become higher dimensional beings ourselves. Therefore prayer, like meditation, is a direct link in the chain between us on the physical plane, and the higher dimensional plane of Spirit. And this is always good news, this is something that will improve our quality of life. Prayer for someone is the channeling of good energy in the direction of that individual or group or place. Prayer is the sending of good energy out into the atmosphere or ether. Prayer, therefore, raises the vibrations of not only us but of the whole planet and everything on it…. this includes all living things. Prayer also grounds us, centers us, and keeps us in connection with Source energy, and those in Spirit who can actually help us here on the physical plane. By calling on deceased loved ones, saints, or sages we can receive help in this life. Not only can prayer be a request but prayer can also be a blessing or a thanksgiving. hence opening the way for further good spiritual energies like those associated with gratitude and thanks to be streamed into the planet. Thanks-giving and gratitude accommodate the universal law of giving and taking, cause and effect therefore adding energetic balance and harmony to our universe, and those energies are very important. Without which there are violations and an imbalance in the ether, and this is not good. Prayer if you like raises our vibrational frequency like a code that unlocks, it opens pathways and is a conduit that provides for a more fulfilled, and orientated life. Prayer generates good karma; good energy and therefore enables energy to move more freely and smoothly resulting in better physical and mental health.

Prayer can be your refuge if you allow it, as it sets as a reminder of the help and support that is available to us from the realm of Spirit; ‘ask and you shall receive…’ with our freewill heaven cannot help us unless we ask. Another important aspect of prayer is the blessing of food before we eat or drink it. This is vital, as it raises the vibrations of the food that we put into our body, what we ingest, and what will eventually become part of us. As the old saying goes ‘you are what you eat’ and this is so true. So always bless your food as you prepare it for yourself or the family and especially bless and give thanks if you are a meat-eater to the animal that gave its life for you. Bless also what you are drinking, and most importantly the water, as water holds a lot of memory in its consciousness, so therefore be sure to bless it beforehand to neutralize and raise the vibrational energy of the water. Prayer is all about being in alignment with God and the universal energies that the whole universe operates under. It expands your upper more spiritual chakras, like the third eye and the crown chakra. And it anchors us to these all-important energies and the Source within us, just like in meditation. But the difference is that when you are praying you are sending out a powerful thought that is a beacon of light, and it sets a pattern of energy in motion for the highest good of your life and for the life of others.

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