Following on from my last post about ditching the dyes, I am very happy to say that I have taken the step. It was for me like one giant step for mankind, but hey, I did it and now it is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Because the decision to go grey is a big decision – but if you let it. I have realised in hindsight that the ‘thinking’ about going grey was indeed far worse torture than the easy process of just letting my hair go grey. But, I did cheat a bit. I have used chemical dyes in order to drastically lighten my hair so that the grow-out will be less obvious. And I have braved going out in public with such a drastic change, so I do feel the worst is over. Also, I feel liberated to not be tied to dying my hair anymore, not to be wasting my money, and to not be wasting my precious time on this lovely Earth sitting with my head in a bath of toxic chemicals. Oh, the joy of it all, and all it took was a simple decision and to let go of my egocentric fears. All and all it has been a great experience, and am I so glad that I did not wait any longer, nor listen to my ego telling me that I was too young, too attractive, or too single to go grey now. I am lovely regardless of what colour my hair is, and I am now my authentic self. Being my authentic self is worth more to me than anything any salon, any trend or any fashion can offer. Money can’t buy the sense of self-satisfaction at knowing that I have listened to my inner-being, my True-Self and done the right thing. I have done the right thing not only for myself, but for the planet, and also for others – to show that yes, it is very possible, to be sexy and sensational and grey at 50! In fact, I can be a way-shower; a good example and hopefully more will follow me. OK, of course, I am not the first to go grey, but the more that undo the hypnosis that a lot of women are under from society, fashion magazines, the media and large corporations the better. For me, also it is like a maturing, a coming of age. I have come to an age where I do not need society nor anyone to tell me how I should look, act or be. I am my own person and am not ‘owned’ by anything or anyone. Be those cosmetic giants or any other big business. (Saying, that it is ironic that the Covid 19 vaccination is practically mandatory, and I did get it, even though I was not in favour, but I did it for the greater good. In the hope that it would lead us out of this mess.) For me, the simple choice to stop colouring my hair has given me a new sense of freedom, I have taken back control of my own head! And I did it “BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT”, fifty and fabulous!

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