We had the summer solstice yesterday, with that we welcome the new season of summer, and its new energies. This will of course be exciting. As many of us look forward to holidays, we anticipate with an optimistic curiosity what this warm sun filled season will bring. But, be you on the beach or in Vegas do not forget along with your sun screen your commitment to your spiritual practice… It is great to get a break from the daily routine and a change of scenery, but do not lose track of your connection to spirit. Spirit is every where and is in you, so no matter where you go on the planet it will be with you. Your team in spirit will be with you. So, make the effort to keep up that which keeps you grounded, guided and fulfilled. No cocktail, no beautiful beach or sunset can replace that special connection to spirit. Remember, it is Spirit that created the places of beauty that we will visit. It is spirit that organises the whole universe, and you included, so do not neglect it with the excitement of a new location. Because, ok, we may be physically somewhere else, but our soul still needs nourishment on a daily basis. We still need to thank God and be grateful every day, for the life that we have and all in it. And that includes if we think we are bad off, remember this: life is happening/unfolding for us; and NOT to us. We are not victims. Keep that at the forefront of all our experience. Take the beads with you to the beach, say a few prayers before you start your newly purchased holiday novel or new self-help book. Meditate at least once a day, practice gratitude, and express love and kindness as much as you can. Don’t just be a beach babe, be a beach body that is filled with light and love. Give thanks to Mother Gaia for the beautiful seas, sand and natural beauty that you will encounter this summer. Bless those on the beach: be a beacon of light in the world, just like a light house that warns us of the danger from the rocks. Beam out boldly a strong spiritual light from your new bikini this year. Shine out just like the strong sun over your head, the spiritual light that is inside of you, so that all the world can feel it. And just like the sun, bring a spiritual warmth to the planet this summer.

Happy Holidays!


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