I have a daily tear-off calendar, and today it read: ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.’ I thought to myself how true it is, and I am one of these people that think I should be spiritually more ahead than where I am right now. This sometimes gives way to frustration, but hey, when I read that line from the calendar this morning I felt quite relieved and began to cut myself some slack. The fact that I am not yet levitating off the floor whilst deep in meditation, or austral travelling left right and centre within a multitude of far-flung galaxies, whilst encountering all kinds of higher beings is ok. Yet saying that what I am doing is constantly and consistently growing at my own pace, and am spiritually very happy with that. Ok, I did admit sometimes that I do think that under different circumstances perhaps I could be further along my spiritual path, but I certainly do not and never would get hung up about it. And there you have it; I have just shifted the blame from myself to ‘different circumstances’, whilst truly it is I who is responsible for my own spiritual, personal evolution and well-being. I am the one who is in charge of how I spend my time, so basically it is only myself to blame if I am not as evolved as I could be. Yes, I have been constantly evolving but, it could have been to a higher level if I had dedicated every hour of the day to my spiritual path. But, I did not nor do not want to do that. You see I also like to enjoy the experience of living life as a physical being, gorging on all the good things that this entails. We have come into physical manifestation and should explore and enjoy the experience. Yes, it is vital to practice spirituality, but it is equally as important to enjoy living as a physical being, in a physical world; manifesting and creating beautiful things for ourselves and others. The trick, if we are going to get the most out of things, is as usual to always have a healthy balance in life. Living a healthy balanced life is vital for our spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. Neglect one of these and we are out of zinc; left with feelings of emptiness, fear and unhealthy bodies. Basically; balance brings brilliance. Remember that simple rule and you are winning. Guard the holy trinity of mind, body and soul. Look after each one of these on a daily basis – pin it to your fridge door or mirror, but do not become overly familiar and ignore the sign; do it. Start each day with a mental note to yourself to do a practice that will enhance, evolve and challenge each aspect of yourself; spiritually, mentally/emotionally and physically. Look after the three aspects of yourself, and they will look after you. Meditate, spend time in nature and practice prayer, do some daily journaling about your emotions, practice gratitude and practice daily physical exercise or yoga, and eat that which will serve your physical body. Do these and you will feel great both inside and out. Become more mindful of how you spend your time; use it wisely and do not squander it. Remember, we are only here for a very short time, so do not waste too much of it in front of mindless telly or screens. Now all that is left for me is to see what tomorrow’s daily calendar will ignite in me …

Love and blessings Edel.

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