The days are notably getting shorter, the mornings and the nights that bit cooler. Soon we will have the autumn equinox and from then on the hours of sunlight are fewer, and the hours of darkness greater. Leaves will start to fall away from the trees, as nature, like us lets, go of that which no longer serves us, in order to make way for the new. Change is always a part of life, and our lives are reflected in the natural world. One is mirrored in the other, we are all reflections of each other. I know I am early to speak about the autumn as we are still officially within the season of summer, yet, we are at the tail end of the summer season, so I feel it is ok to touch on the subject. It came to mind as I am potentially faced with great change within my personal life, and it is hard. Fear of having to face an uncertain future is frightening, no matter how much one is in tune with one’s higher – self and heaven. This is something I must come to terms with myself, and learn to lessen the grip, much like those autumn leaves. I have to let go and simply trust in the process of life. I cannot let fear of the unknown over-run me. I have to trust in God, and in heaven. They have got me this far, and have done a very good job of it, so really I should have nothing to fear. Trusting in this process of life is very important; knowing that there is a safety net there for you is so reassuring, and comforting. It is a blessing to have that trust. What I do is I allow myself to fall backward into the arms of God knowing that He/the Universe will always catch me. You see, sometimes we feel we are all alone, but we are never alone. We always have God at our backs, our guardian angels at our backs. We may not always remember nor be aware that they are there, but they ARE there for us. So call on them, and ask them for help during difficult transitional periods. Because that is what they are here for, remember also, that due to our free will, we must ask as they cannot help us otherwise. It is so easy to go down a rabbit hole of despair during difficult times, but remain grounded in God, and connected to your higher self at all times. Do not let your emotions take control of you, do not give your power away nor be a prisoner to fear. Fear and anxiety are lower-based emotions that rob your energy faster than anything. They invite energy blocks, illness and fatigue, all of which serve for nothing; solely inviting more trouble into your life. Believe me, it is far better to forget the worry and to trust in the Universe., trust in God. This I know can be hard for many, but think, if the Creator is able to uphold the entire planet, and larger planets like Jupiter and Mars, don’t you think it can look after you too? Can’t that same divine energy that upholds all of the Universe continue to uphold you? We have got this far in our lives, we have lived well, ok, we have had our ups and downs but that is normal. It is normal because we are living an experiential life. We are here to experience, without experience what would be the point of life? If we experienced only good times 24/7 how could we appropriately understand and fully appreciate them without having experienced bad times also? Contrast allows us to grow and experience life. Do not be frightened by it, embrace it for what it is; a learning tool. A method by which we learn our life lessons. In this the University of life we have our celestial partners with us, we never walk alone. You are not alone, remember that always. And bear in mind also, that those falling autumn leaves fall away in order to make way for the fresh new growth of Spring.

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