Life is a work in progress. As we journey along our path we learn a lot. Only through experience do we truly appreciate how something feels, also, otherwise we would not know what works for us and what doesn’t. Our lives are basically an accumulation of our experiences, and from these, we form our opinions, likes and dislikes. This is life in all its glory. But we can also choose how to experience things, we can look at them and appreciate them for what they thought us, how they made us stronger, how they brought us to where we are at today, or we can be bitter about it, and play the victim. It is time to sit up and take responsibility for our choices. If in the past we chose not so wisely, we dust ourselves off and pick ourselves up again. We can also look back and laugh at the silly things we did. Onwards and upwards should always be the attitude, positive thinking should rule the day, right? But do not forget to include God. It is all well and good to be thinking positively, but do not forget that you are a spark off of the fire of God, so thank Him for all. And do not forget to ask HIm to guide you. Ask God and the Holy Spirit to be your light and guide in life. Because God is inside of you; within your higher self, and when you are in alignment with your higher self, all decisions are easier to make. Trust in God to guide you, and trust in your higher self to do that which is right for you for your highest good and therefore for the good of others. We are never alone, we cannot be alone, we are not alone; we are one with God. So, never forget that. Always include God in your life experiences, and ask Spirit to hold your hand as you go along your journey. Otherwise, you’ll only be listening to your egocentric self, and that does not make for the wisest life choices. We might like to think that we know it all, but we do not. We need help, we need to be humble and to ask for guidance. No one is 100 per cent sure of themselves unless, of course, they are only listening to their ego, which is the false part of them. Life can be challenging and demanding, and we all need help in life, so ask for it. Remember, ask and you shall receive. That was not put there by accident, it was put into the bible to tell us something; it was included for a reason, so ask. Carve out time daily to go within, to check in with your higher self, to connect with your God centre. Ask for guidance and wisdom. Thank God, and so it is.



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