First of October already! It is mad how fast the time is going. October 1st I have to add is also the feast day of St.Thérèse of Lisieux. She is an essential saint to me, and I credit her along with Our Lady for bringing me here to Lourdes. You see, I used to work for an association dedicated to St. Thérèse, and that’s what brought me here in the first place. So I see my coming here as a grand conspiracy between them all; Our Lady, St. Thérèse and my guardian angels of my mother and brother. And to all, I must thank. As coming to Lourdes changed my life; and yes, very much so for the better. You see, the moment I arrived I felt like I belonged; that I had landed right where I was supposed to be. I was planted in my garden, where I have grown. Therefore, I am eternally not only grateful to these gentle souls but also to be completely allied and aligned with them. And they are always with me, helping me, of this I am certain. I am so filled with gratitude for them. Friends like these you do not find every day, yet we all have them if only we just look or listen to them when they are trying to call you. Calling you to bring you closer, so that they can help and guide you. And that they always do, and will do if only we just listen. We are never alone, our guides and guardian angels (Oct 2nd is the feast of the guardian angels), are always with us by our side. Do not ever underestimate their power to help you, to guide you and to accompany you on this life’s journey. But, do remember that due to the universal law of free will, they can not interfere for us unless we actually ask them to. So ask openly for help with that with whatever you require. And remember guardian angels are also our loved ones who have passed over, those who have left this physical world for the higher planes of the spiritual realm. Talk to them like they are here, like how you did when they were here. According to Wikipedia angels are; benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or heaven) and humanity. They are our protectors and guides. The word angel means messenger, they are messengers from God that are given to us to help us. Everyone has them regardless of religion, race or region. Angels traditionally were depicted with wings; they flew between heaven and Earth and were very beautiful heavenly beings. Today, our understanding of angels has evolved, angels today can be seen as higher vibrational beings of light, that accompany us on this our spiritual path. Either image of angels is neither correct nor incorrect, it does not matter how you perceive them as long as you are aware that you have them is all that matters. If you prefer to envisage your angels with wings and harps that is fine. If you see them as beings of light that too is fine. But, always acknowledge them and ask them every day for help before you begin your day. They are freely given to us, in order to help us, so, use the help you have been given. And of course, give thanks daily to your angels also, but remember them, especially tomorrow on their special feast day. This day was created to honour and remind us that we have angels, and to be grateful for them. So, let us do that. Let’s celebrate our angels, and be angels also for each other.

Warm Wishes,


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