Listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube earlier today, it was great to be reminded of a few fundamental truths. She was saying how we all want to be happy, and that happiness is found when you are in alignment with your inner being; which is your higher self. It is a simple fact. We may think that we are happy when we are meeting our friends, going on holidays, going out or being at a match. But the truth is that forms of escape are just attempts at masking the root of the problem. Yes, we all are human and like to get out and socialise, this is normal, but thinking that that is the road to happiness and fulfilment is a mistake. And we need to discern and distinguish between the two. Being buried solely in the material world is not going to bring us the inner joy and fulfilment which we all seek in life. The only thing that is going to sustain us is a spiritual connection of some sort to ourselves and the world around us. Awareness and recognition of this will make life a lot more enjoyable for us. And that basically, in a nutshell, is what this blog in its entirety is all about. We need spirituality and especially today when there are so many disconnected not only from themselves but also from others and from the natural world to which we are all connected. For, when we are connected to our inner being, other connections automatically fall into place. It is an organic process, it is a coming into wholeness with not just ourselves, but with the universe. This sense of connection allows us to experience our humanity at a much deeper level. At a level, which is profoundly intimate and fulfilling. This is what spiritual awakening is all about. It is about awakening up to who you really are, and what you can truly be. It is a magical experience and the most important experience in life. For it is why we are here; it is our purpose to wake up. We were never meant to stay asleep. For we are to resurrect ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are, and spring is the perfect time to do this. Everything in the natural world is waking up from the winter slumber, and so too should we. And it is not a coincidence either that Easter (the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus) takes place. Organised religion jumped on the bandwagon of that which already existed in the natural world; the resurrection and rebirth of everything in spring. But as like with all in nature, it too is and needs to be mirrored within us. And we too need to be reborn; resurrected from within. We need resurrection from our lower selves to our higher selves, and there is no better time to recall that than in spring. We all need fresh starts and new life to be breathed into us. We need an awakening in order to shed that which no longer serves us and to embrace the new. That is a new way of being, a new perspective on things; one that is viewed from greater heights. The greater heights of Spirit. If we can connect more with the Spirit within us this spring, we will feel fully renewed, reborn and rewired, and therefore whole. We will feel more connected to ourselves and the cosmos. People may think that the Easter Bunny is just a pretty symbol of Easter; a frivolous toy or chocolate for kids. But, the Christian cross, Easter Bunny, daffodils and all that represent this time of year have to be viewed from a deeper and more philosophical perspective. Easter is not just an entry into the spring-summer season, but an invitation to delve deeper into the true nature of the self; it is a gentle request to awaken into the essence of our being; within our soul. It is a call to expansion; a call to growth, just like the imminent burst of growth which is taking place within the natural world, should also, be taking place within us. So will we accept the invitation that the Universe is giving us? Will we answer the call? Will we bloom or wither and wilt more? The choice is ours this Easter season.

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