I sailed the blue sea last week, and I was reminded of how the ocean is so cleansing. The ocean current, the sea air, the smell of salt are all invigorating. And it reminded me to not only spring clean my home, detox and declutter. But to also and most importantly spring clean your subtle energies, that is your aura and your chakras. It is good to be always conscious of the health of your aura, but even more so now that we are on the topic, and in the season to spring clean. There are many ways to maintain a healthy clean aura, the best way being in your thoughts, your thinking, are you thinking positive loving thoughts as much as possible? Nothing creates negative energy and weighs you down like an unhealthy attitude, and these covid days it is very easy to fall into the misery, ‘victim’, self-pitying trap. Do not do that, as it will not serve your highest good, nor anyone else’s at that matter. Because as like attracts like, you must feel positive and loving, beam nothing else out from you only these two things and this ensures that the universe will give you nothing back but the same good energy. But it must be genuine, you must actually feel these things, as you can’t cod the universe. How you feel is what is going to determine your reality. It is a catch 22 scenario I know, but this is how the laws of nature operate. Second, to ensure your aura is spring cleaned, look after it hygienically as you would your physical body. Think of your aura as you would your teeth, and clean it regularly. That is a shower at least once a day and once or twice a week use a good sea salt scrub, or soak in a good salted bath for about 10 – 15 mins, (if you cannot bathe in the sea). Use aerobic exercise or a sauna to sweat, sweating cleanses the chakras. Spend time in nature, the more time the better, breathe in the clean fresh spring air and get rejuvenated in mother nature which is naturally cleansing. Sauge, or smudge your house, car and office space if possible to shake off old stale energies. Pray and meditate in order to have that connection to your higher self, this automatically raises and cleanses your energies. Practice gratitude, do a list every night of what you were grateful for that day. This too will cleanse you as it raises your vibration immediately. Focus on all that you have and not what you do not have. Keep clear of people who you know are energy vampires, who suck the life out of you. Instead, spend as much time as possible with those who make you feel good, people that make life fun. These are the people who will help keep you in a high vibrational state of being. I am not saying to ditch the ones who are not the most uplifting, but just be more conscious of who you spend your time with. Do things that make you feel happy; take that long walk, bath, or cook that nice meal you have been putting on the long finger. Be kinder to yourself, and do not beat yourself up. Life is a joy if you just think of it that way. Life will be a drag if you think of it that way, so choose your inner words wisely. use all in your power this spring to cleanse, clear and start afresh, so as to keep you in the best vibrational mood possible and to lift the spirits of not only you but also of those around you. Remember subsequently you will have a knock-on effect on those with whom you come into contact. Spring cleaning and together, we can make this world a higher vibrational, happier place for us all to live in, and this is not done in large sweeping movements, but in little ones step by step. And we all have a step to take in this journey to an ascended planet.

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