The autumn equinox has passed, and the days are now getting noticeably shorter as we have more hours of darkness than of sunlight. This is normal as we turn towards the darker, colder months, we start drawing in our harvest and prepare for winter. Autumn is the season when things begin to die off, so as nature is mirrored in our lives, what are the things that we need to let of? What no longer serves you? What have we learned during the summer? during those months of growth. The changes that we see outside in nature can also be reflected in our lives. How have we spiritually grown over the summer? Personally, it has been a very challenging year for me healthwise, and I have had to accept and let go of my ability to move; to walk, to run, to ride a bike, to even go to the shop. It has been a huge trial, my dark night of the soul if you prefer to call it that. Acceptance, patience and a new appreciation for my health have personally pushed and pulled me to grow in ways that I never even imagined. It has not been easy, but I am thankfully getting through it thanks to my spirituality. Trying to remain centred in my I AM presence, my God centre has proven to be a life skill that without which I do not know what I would have done. It has been of more help to me than any pill ever could have. I am so lucky to have that in my life, it is indeed a great blessing. It has given me strength, courage, and endurance to see this through and to know that there is ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel. That Light is illuminating my way, it lights the path for me. The path back to wholeness and health is indeed a spiritual one. Yes, the tablets help, and yes the physiotherapy helps, but the light that is in me is the light of God. I am but a spark of his fire, and it is that which burns inside me. It is when we forget this, that things do not go well for us. If we remember who we are; if we remember we are of God, and that our only job is to return to Him, then all will be fine. It is when we think we are separate from God, it is when we rely on our human mind to ‘fix’ things that inevitably things go pear-shaped. It is when we are afraid, feeling vulnerable and feeling very un-like a spark of God that the fires of hell start to burn within us. So, what we can all let go of this autumn is our need to feel separate from God. To remember who and what we are really as Divine beings needs to be birthed in us. We need to let go of our egos which is going to tell us otherwise. The leaves fall gracefully from the trees, Mother Nature starts to slow down its growth, and animals begin to migrate for the winter. Yet we do not hear or see the leaves clinging on for dear life, screaming in fear of falling to the ground. No, nature embraces change as part of the natural cycle of its life, as do the animals, and plants. Why can’t we do the same? Why are we so afraid of change? Why can’t we move forward? What is keeping us in fear is only our belief that we are separate from God, and with that, we lack TRUST in the process of life. Trust in the process just like the leaves do. Do not stay clinging, nor cry in fear but trust in your inner voice, trust in what you believe is right for you; in what God is whispering you to do. The God consciousness that is in nature allowing the leaves to fall with grace, is also in you, so tap into it. Get out in nature this autumn; learn a few lessons from Mother Nature, and embrace that which She/Spirit is trying to discreetly tell you. Enjoy the crisp autumn evenings, and cooler autumn mornings, welcome them as the wheel of the year gently turns again. Turn with it and not against it. Have an amazing Autumn!


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