I am Edel Kearney.  I am an Irish born Contemporary Spiritual writer now living in Lourdes, France where among other things I write and research spirituality.  I live with my small dog Molly, who is my ever-faithful companion.  I am a vegan.  I have a BA in Theology, Philosophy and the Arts and an MA in Applied Christian Spirituality.  But, the best education has been from the ‘University of Life’ itself.  I not only draw insight and learn from experience but also from the many wonderful teachers that life has abundantly provided.  My first book; a spiritual self-help book, titled ‘From Wreck to Wonderful Wholeness’, (which maps the first phase of my personal journey), has recently been published by Resource Publications.  I am currently working on my second book, which is more Mind, Body, and Soul oriented; it is a work in progress and it has yet to be titled. 

My dog Molly in the garden of Lourdes.

Bernadette Flanagan and I at the launch of my book ‘From Wreck to Wonderful Wholeness’, Dublin, Ireland January 2017.